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Five Favourite Skincare Saviours.

Having had Acne for the longest time and being on Roaccutane means that I’ve experienced the best of both worlds (just no.). I’ve had oily skin that needed powder constantly and dry skin that no amount of moisturiser could fix. Right now, it’s somewhat balanced, clear and under control. I always love a good pamper…

Little Beauty Gems for Quick, Easy Makeup

Since University started and having been sick for almost a month, my beauty routine has been simple and almost non-existent. Lately I’ve just been doing a light base, drawing on some straight brows, some mascara and lipstick and calling it a day. I’ve mastered this to be around 4-5 minutes after skincare. I’ve really grown…

A Week of Beauty ft. Instagram

Hey lovelies! I upload a lot more beauty stuff on my Instagram account throughout the week and thought I would share today my weekly beauty discoveries that I’ve posted about @ https://www.instagram.com/seaandstyleblog/  Let’s start with this beauty. Wow! After seeing countless posts and videos on this peach palette, Mecca in Australia finally re-released the Too…