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Five Must Try Asian Beauty Products

I have always loved Korean beauty products since almost 5 years ago when I first discovered it. However, my love for it has been sparked recently on a trip to Japan. Japanese skincare has a lot in common with Korean skincare and Japan not only carried its own brands and products but many best sellers…

colourpop, makeup, bblogger, makeup addict, colourpop collection, lipsticks, lumieredhelen, lumiere d'helen, sephora, mecca

Colourpop Collection

Colourpop is the brand that’s gotten me interested in makeup again. I’ve fallen out of love with makeup in the last year, just throwing on some bb cream, using a brow pencil and a lip tint and running out the door. It’s been liberating and I’ve only spent 5-10 minutes on skincare and makeup every…

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Best Palette: Smashbox Cover Shot Eye

The Smashbox Cover Shot Eye palette doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of attention online but let me just say I am so in love with the beautiful colours and pigments of this little gem from Smashbox. I picked up the shade ‘softlight‘ and that is probably the most etherial name for a palette. I…

nars smooth and protect primer review, nars review, primer review, beauty review, bblogger, mecca maxima, sephora

Nars Smooth and Protect Primer Review

The Nars Smooth and Protect Primer has been happily sitting on my dressing table waiting for a review to be written. It is a really good base for makeup and I actually notice a difference when using it which can’t be said about many of the primers I’ve tried in the past. The Nars primer has dimethicone…

benefit dandelion twinkle powder highlighter review, makeup review, makeup, benefit cosmetics, pretty makeup, new releases makeup, lumiere d'helen, lumieredhelen

Review: Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter

The Benefit Dandelion highlighter has become such a staple in my morning makeup routine and I thought I would do a review of this beauty. It is the prettiest highlighter that is incredibly subtle with no glitter. It’s a soft pink that mimics your skin tone but with a very reflective sheen once applied. It…

colourpop, colourpop review, best sellers review, what to buy, colourpop makeup, haul

Colourpop: A Review of The Best Sellers

I’m doing a review of Colourpop’s most popular items because I find it can be tricky to decide what to pick up as there are just too many beautiful and stunning options. I included some of their top picks and did a quick review to let you know how some of their formulas work. Overall, I…

mecca makeover, makeup application

My Makeup Counter Makeover Experience: Mecca Maxima

I’m not proud of this, but my Mecca membership upgraded to the next level and now I get two free makeup applications every year. My makeup routine has been a bit blah and I thought it would be great as a shakeup of the current routine I’ve been doing everyday. I’m going to share the…

too faced lip injections review lip oil peach

Obsessed: Too Faced Lip Injections and Peach Lip Oil

I feel like Too Faced has been amazing with new releases lately and I’ve decided to do a review of their lip oil and lip injection gloss. It’s been a long time since I got any new makeup but lately I’ve been lusting over so many things. I’ve definitely taken advantage and picked up quite…

Little Beauty Gems for Quick, Easy Makeup

Since University started and having been sick for almost a month, my beauty routine has been simple and almost non-existent. Lately I’ve just been doing a light base, drawing on some straight brows, some mascara and lipstick and calling it a day. I’ve mastered this to be around 4-5 minutes after skincare. I’ve really grown…