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Everlane Denim Jeans Review- Sizing, Fit and Quality


Boy oh boy was I excited when Everlane’s denim jeans launched this month and I jumped on the bandwagon to pick up a ankle length pair in the true black shade. Everlane’s denim was getting a lot of Instagram and Social media buzz around it and I was tempted by not only the ethical side of the production but how damn good they looked on the models! I went for the Everlane denim in high rise, ankle length and a skinny fit. I’m not going to lie when I say that I kinda (a teeny bit) regret that I spent so much more money on my Acne Jeans when I really do love the Everlane just as much (albeit they are very different colours and styles).

For reference, I am 160 cm/5’3 and wear an AU size 6, US size 2, Everlane 00/XS/w25.

*** Update: I wore these a lot on a recent holiday and can say that the denim hasn’t stretched out too much. This is probably a good thing but it means that the denim remains fairly rigid and not as comfy as some skinny jeans I’ve owned from ASOS/Topshop in the past. I still find the fit very flattering and would not be opposed to trying out more styles/colours. But this is something to keep in mind.

Range of Denim and Fit

Everlane’s denim have options of a mid rise, high rise and a boyfriend jean in a variety of colours- mostly medium blue, true black, white and a indigo wash. I think there is a really good selection of fits and colours especially for Everlane who normally do a fairly tight selection of clothing in terms of variety. Many reviews have commented that there isn’t enough variety in terms of the style but I’m more than content with a boyfriend and a skinny for the most part. I had wanted the indigo, but it went out of stock so quickly that I picked up the black in a moment of panic. No regrets though as it really has served double duty as a black pant and a casual pair of jeans.

The ankle crop length fits well given that I’m 160. I wouldn’t say its super cropped but during the day when it bunches up a bit more (if you know what I mean) they become slightly more cropped as seen in the photos but not overly so. I’m very happy with the length on my size. The full length would probably require tailoring for my frame.


I was so afraid and spent quite a while deliberating whether to get my normal size. Everlane sizing is never really true to size, from their shoes to their regular clothing. I always have to size down 1-2 sizes in their clothing for it to fit me. However, I decided to go for my normal size for Everlane’s denim and I am glad as they fit perfectly. I wear a W25 jean and they were a tad snug when I first got them (the button was hard to get on) but they really fit so perfectly now.

Quality of Denim Material

Everlane advertised it as denim that wasn’t overly stretchy like the typical denim you find on ASOS or at H&M. I can agree with that! The denim is a nice quality and has a decent amount of stretch so that it’s comfortable but no wear near as stretchy as ASOS rivingtons or those jeans that kind of remind you of jeggings (which I am not a fan of). The black is nice but will occasionally get white marks as it really is a true black. Not really a fault on the material but just the fact its black. I haven’t washed them yet so I can’t comment on whether they fade or not. Pretty chuffed with them so far!

Ethical Element

This really is the cherry on top! The fact that Everlane is so transparent and makes their denim at a factory with minimal wastage and environmental impact is just brilliant. They give their customers a glimpse inside the factories and I think it’s so eye opening to think about production practices. It’s so easy to support companies like Everlane who do amazing clothes while not harming any workers or the world.


Happy and have no real complaints yet. I’m not really looking to buy another pair anytime soon as I think my denim wardrobe is happy. One pair of mid blue boyfriend jeans and one pair of black denim is really all I need right now. If I do replace anything in the future or add any other denim colours, I’ll be happy to pick up another pair of Everlane’s jeans!

Click here if you’re looking to make a purchase. It includes my affiliate code which would really be appreciated- but this review is totally my opinion and not sponsored in any way! 🙂 Check the sidebar fore more Everlane reviews as I just love the brand and it makes up a good portion of my staples (click here to see my Everlane silk review and a lookbook featuring Everlane day heels. If you’re interested in a review of Everlane items in detail, check out my Youtube Video featuring my Everlane Collection.