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Five Must Try Asian Beauty Products

I have always loved Korean beauty products since almost 5 years ago when I first discovered it. However, my love for it has been sparked recently on a trip to Japan. Japanese skincare has a lot in common with Korean skincare and Japan not only carried its own brands and products but many best sellers from Korea. So here I’m going to share with you five must try asian beauty products. I’ll try my best to link to products that I’ve mentioned.

Brightening Skincare

No. I’m not talking about those nasty chemicals that bleach your skin- nor that fairer skin is better. But speaking as someone with hyper-pigmentation, brightening skincare works wonders on my skin. It makes the complexion look healthier and more even-toned. While the western market is somewhat lacking in brightening skincare, everything in the Korean/Japanese market is targeted at this concern. I really enjoyed the Hera White Program line. While it is a more expensive line, I find the results quite amazing. However, it is worth noting that there is quite a strong fragrance attached to the product which I really don’t like. On the other end of the price spectrum is HadaLabo. This is a Japanese brand which is very affordable and effective. Their whitening products I’ve tested before and is quite lovely as well (although I haven’t used for prolonger periods).

Cushion Everything!

The best invention yet! I love cushion makeup for its ease of use, convenience and gorgeous finish on the skin. I have tried multiple different brands and my favourite is the Hera UV Mist Cushion (not shown). I would say cushion products are better if you’re looking for more glowy makeup and if you want to touch up anything during the day. The A’pieu Doraemon cushion is actually a cushion blush from A’pieu in limited edition packaging. Cushion blushes have worked really really well for me as they look almost wet on the skin. They are very glowy, natural and blend perfectly with a few taps. The Laneige cushion is the whitening version and is not my favourite due to very low coverage.

Lip Tints

Korea is a heaven for lip tints. There are just so, so many from every brand under the sun to try. The ones I’ve shown are the tints from Etude House. They are very pigmented and long lasting. Tints can be a little drying sometimes, so be sure to layer lots of lip balm. But otherwise, lip products are a must try. I love the Laneige two tone lip tints. They’re very moisturising and pigmented.


Facial Massage

Facial Massage is kind of a strange concept to me at…first. When I went to Japan, I saw rows and rows of technology for better skin. Everything from electric facial massagers to steamers to light therapy. While I wasn’t looking to invest in anything, it did inspire me to pick up my Sarah Chapman facial massager from my drawers and start the routine again.

You can find different Korean facial massagers here and I would say it’s kind of enjoyable. I can’t speak for any long lasting benefits but it is very relaxing while you’re doing it. I tend to save it for special ‘spa’ or ‘pamper’ nights at home.

Oil Cleansers

Where would I be without oil cleansers? These are seriously heavenly. I’ve been using oil cleansers for the last 5 years and boy has it made removing makeup a breeze. I have never skipped removing my makeup because these oil cleansers just make it so easy. Did I mention they’re also very affordable? The Biore one which is sold all over Japan is under $10 and will last3-4 months. Here are some alternatives as the Biore is overpriced online.

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