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mecca makeover, makeup application

My Makeup Counter Makeover Experience: Mecca Maxima

I’m not proud of this, but my Mecca membership upgraded to the next level and now I get two free makeup applications every year. My makeup routine has been a bit blah and I thought it would be great as a shakeup of the current routine I’ve been doing everyday. I’m going to share the process of the application and recommend it if you are looking to try new products, a new look or simply wanting to be glam for a night out 🙂

I went in with a very light tinted moisturiser on my face. She removed this with some makeup remover on a cotton pad. She gave me a look book and asked what kind of makeup I was going for. I had a flick through and ended up going for a natural but glowy look. All the looks were from Instagram and there was a lot of contouring, highlighter and kinda looked like one of those transformative makeup videos on Insta. But the artist was very adaptable and willing to tailor the looks to your taste (which is always good 🙂 ).

Cleanse and Prep

I absolutely loved the fact they treat your skin well before application. My makeup artist used the Perricone MD Pore Refiner to get rid of any impurities or dead skin cells lingering on the skin. It was possibly a tad tingly but nothing dramatic at all because of the chemical exfoliant properties. She slapped some of the By Terry Baume De Rose on which was so heavenly. I’ve been dying to try this product for so long and I’m glad to say it does live up to the hype. She then used the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray a few times. The last of this was the Too Faced Hangover Primer 🙂 .


On the eyes, the artist used a mixture of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and the Peach Palette. I was glad because I had both these palettes and thought it would be great to try and attempt to recreate them myself. We used to Smashbox Gel Liner and the Too Faced Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara.


I told my makeup artist that I prefer tinted moisturisers to foundations and we ended up trying the Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint. I found that this was fairly full coverage for a tint but the effect was quite nice. It was very glowy so I might not recommend it for those with oily skin. But for me, I really liked the glowy effect of it. I think the highlight of the day was the Illume Sheer Colour Trio from Hourglass. It’s a cream bronzer, blush and highlighter in one and was such a natural but beautiful palette. So stunning that it’s on my very very long wishlist.


I had told the makeup artist that I wanted to try some of Hourglass’s new lip products. We used the Hourglass GIRL lip Stylo in Lover. I really loved this. It was such a bold and beautiful orange. It stayed on my lips for ages after eating and drinking and I’m dying to pick up one of these soon.


I really loved the experience of a makeover. In the past, I’ve had certain disasters at counter makeup. But I’m pleased to let you guys know that Mecca Artists are pretty amazing while making the process incredibly enjoyable. I would highly recommend this service. If you’re not a Level 2 or 3 loop member then makeovers are at a cost but are fully redeemable for products.

mecca makeover, mecca makeup application, counter makeup application

mecca makeover, mecca makeup application, counter makeup application

Let me know what you think 🙂 Do you like getting makeover at counters?

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