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Travel Series: Skincare and Haircare


Travel skincare is always a tricky one- I hate having to pack all my regular glass bottles, large containers and full sized moisturisers but love having comfortable and hydrated skin while traveling. This is the start of a small travel series on my blog and I’m going to be doing a few packing posts as well as travel guides eventually as I go along my adventures in a week time!

Skincare Products:

Many of these little concoctions and bottles will be going on the plane with me as they fit into a compact clear case. The most important and trusty products that I’m bringing include the Pixi Glow Mist, the Trilogy Rose Hip oil and the Avene Tolerance Cream. These things are tried and true and I know will be good lifesavers anytime my skin is acting up. The mist is a easy fix for dryness at anytime during the flight or during the holiday. The rosehip oil is an intense hydrator and nutrient booster for night time use and the Tolerance is just a joy in terms of calming and hydrating skin. A perfect combo and oh so compact.

As for the cleansing products, I’m bringing my full sized Pixi Mud Cleanser (that I’m willing to bring despite its huge tube) as well as the Ole Henricksen wipes for emergency cleansing on planes or as a first cleanse. I did a review of the mud cleanser so if you want to see how it performs, click here. Β I’m going to have a travel bottle with the body shop makeup removing oil to get rid of any tough waterproof mascara aka Too Faced Better than Sex waterproof (this thing is so hard to get off).

I found a travel skincare pack from Caudalie that was just too cute to pass up. I’m excited for the detox mud mask as well as the beauty elixr. I’ve never tried anything from the brand but excited to give it a shot during this trip. The beauty elixr I’ve used a few times already. It’s surprisingly refreshing for a mist that containers a layer of oil. I like its zingy feeling after a spritz but there’s also a lot of alcohol (second ingredient).

Haircare Products:

I am beyond excited to be bringing the OUAI shampoo, conditioner and treatment set. I have not tried it yet but hoping its worth the hype that this brand is receiving. I’m more relaxed about haircare and pretty much anything goes. But, my hair has an tendency to get dry and more tangly while using hotel shampoos. Will be doing a review of the OUAI products once they have been tested πŸ™‚ I picked the set up at Sephora Australia but you can also find it here.