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By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream Review

The By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream has been my night time cream of choice and this review has overall positive things to say about it! Having tried other Vitamin products, I can give a comparison as to how this item works. I’ve been a long time fan of Korean beauty products as they are normally fairly well priced and effective. What’s great about Wishtrend is that they do amazing online content on Youtube and with bloggers that makes it such a tempting brand to try! Every time a new video rolls out, I’m tempted by all the products in it.

Wishtrend claims on the website:

“Made with the requests of Wishtrend consumers,
meet the must-have vitamin cream.

+ 75% of Vitamin Tree (Sea Buckthorn) Water.
+ Included natural Vitamin E.
+ Without stickness and irrtation.
+ Rejuvenating and anti-aging.”


The cream was surprising to me in texture. On first glance, it looks like a gel type consistency, however it is actually more of a medium weight cream when applied. It reminds me a little of my beloved Origins Make a Difference cream in the texture of the product. It spreads easily and doesn’t feel like it’s going to clog any pores. In terms of its moisture abilities, the cream is quite impressive, balancing between being light weight and very moisturising, a little like the COSRX lotion (which is slightly more lotion like as the name would suggest).

Vitamin Effect

The item consists of 75% Vitamin tree water which is great to see as so many creams on the market have water and alcohol as their top ingredients. I hear vitamin and immediately I’m convinced that this cream will do great things for my skin! Vitamin E’s main purpose is to serve as an antioxidant which fights off free radicals and prevents the skin from aging. While I’m 21 years old and am not looking for anti-aging products, it’s good to know that this cream acts as a prevention item.

What skin type is this best suited to?

I have combination skin, oily on the t-zone and drier on the cheeks and this has done a pretty good job at keeping my skin balanced. I would say if your skin is too oily, this might be a little too hydrating (albeit not oily). For those with dry skin, this is an excellent cream that is light but feels deeply hydrating (not like a layer on top of the skin). I think this is better suited to my combination skin for night time. I like to layer my skincare so if I decide to just use toner and this cream, then it works really well for day time as well.

The Wishtrend cream leaves your skin calm, hydrated and happy. I like that there isn’t much of a strong fragrance like my beloved Origins Make a Difference cream but still is very pleasant to use. The consistency is that perfect in-between moisturiser which is spreadable like a gel, but moisturising like a cream. It’s not heavy and has added skincare benefits that keeps me excited to use up the tub.

Where to find

If you’re interested in purchasing this cream, I would appreciate it if you clicked here using my affiliate code. I’ve made purchases from Wishtrend long before I started blogging so all opinions are my own and honest. Wishtrend also kindly sent this to me to review.