5 Piece French Wardrobe Update | Autumn/Winter Purchases

If you’ve seen my previous post, I’m currently doing the 5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge and it’s been going fairly well considering my consumption levels were so crazy before this challenge. Read my first post as to why I wanted to start this challenge here as well as the rules of the 5 Piece French Wardrobe. While I have sold most of my wardrobe (from ASOS and Zara) and opted for more ethically produced items in a much lesser quantity, I’ve added a few trendy pieces as well.

I’ll be sharing the items I’ve added to my 5 piece french wardrobe and an update on the basic items as well.

I did do quite a bit of basics hunting, nothing overboard but the last six months has seen a huge transformation in how and why I purchase my clothes. I used to do a lot of impulse shopping after a bad or stressful day as I’m sure a lot of us do. But after clearing my house and space, everything has a place. I stop myself from making purchases if my space is looking cluttered for my liking.

Three things that have helped me:

  1. Plan, plan, plan your purchases. Give it at least a good week before going into a purchase. I used to put so many things on a list that when anything went on sale, it was guaranteed to have been on one of my lists. I would rush to purchase it without thinking it through. However, I’ve realised sales come around too often and it’s usually a few extra weeks until the next sale. Usually 1-2 weeks and if you’re still saving and waiting to purchase it, then it’s a keeper for me.
  2. A Colour Palette has helped me tremendously! I realised I had so, so, so many items where I loved on the shelves but just did not work with my existing closet. As a colour lover, I realised that having a range of colours that worked together was key. Thinking of three different outfits you can create with a new purchase is a must in my books.
  3. Making a list of things that you love but haven’t worked was a great way for me to not make any frivolous purchases. In the past I loved boxy fit tops, peplum hems and hi low skirts. None of these items ever get worn once they’re in my closet. I love the way they look but never flatter my body so I’ve steered clear. Sometimes items you want to pick up in store are not that practical so this is a great tip to stop those sneaky unplanned purchases.


5 Trendy Items I’ve picked up: I’ve left links where available.
1. Self Portrait Lace Dress

I had been lusting after this dress for so long that I decided to go ahead a few months ago. No regrets as I’ve gotten so much wear out of it! It’s my go to occasion dress and great for a fancier dinner and night out as well. Also didn’t hurt that I waited for a sale and it was 50% off at Matchesfashion.com. Self portrait dresses are great quality and despite how much I’ve worn this item, there are no signs of any wear and tear.

2. Polka Dot Skirt from By Johnny

This skirt was a real gem from By Johnny and I’ve worn it in many occasions from casual chill days to interviews. I think it’s appropriate for so many occasions as the print is simple, the silhouette is fun and eye catching in such a good way. I will note that even though I love By Johnny’s designs, there are definitely visible signs of wear and tear on the material of the skirt, which is heavy and a bit scuba like.

3. Modern Babo Shoes from Everlane

I like these Modern Babo shoes from Everlane. They’re very loud and strange. But I like how effortless they are and the mule style is quite trendy right now. They’re a comfortable shoe and I can see myself having them for a long time. Not everyone’s cup of tea as my boyfriend absolutely despises these. It’s made of leather and has a leather sole and are quite comfortable even when walking longer periods.

4. Lover Lace Skirt

This Lover (Australian Label) skirt is stunning. I got it for half price and could not be happier with the design, versatility and quality. I thought the lace might be too delicate but it’s held up quite well. I think I’m done with white skirts though as I have 3 different ones now (they are what I live in, in the summer). I love this one and can’t wait to style it in more ways during the spring/summer season.

5. Acne Studios Canada Scarf in Pink

The last item I picked up was a definite splurge. I had wanted an Acne Studios Canada scarf for many years but could never decide on which colour and whether it was worth the hefty price tag. I ended up with pink and it’s the perfect pop of colour to any dull winter outfit. I can’t wait to wear this again in a few months when I’m in Japan. The wool is so soft and not itchy and the scarf is really heavy weight and luxurious once on. I will say that because it is thick, it gets a bit too warm during the transition seasons which does limit it’s use. The quality and material is perfect though. Absolutely love the Acne Studios Canada Scarf and would highly recommend saving for one.

I would say doing the 5 piece french wardrobe challenge has really helped me cut down my shopping, especially in terms of the number of things I purchase. I have invested on higher quality items and often come at a higher price tag. But I can see these staying in my closet for a longer time then my frivolous and unplanned purchases in the past.

What do you think of the 5 piece french wardrobe challenge? If you’re interested let me know down below and would love to get in touch to chit chat!