5 Things I learnt from doing the Spring 10×10 Challenge

Doing the Spring 10×10 challenge was both enjoyable and taught me lessons about what I need in my closet to cut back on purchasing, consuming and clutter. I’m not going to lie, after 10 days, I am well and truly ready to get back to wearing the rest of my wardrobe as it really was somewhat of a challenge for me not to get bored of my ten items. By day 8, I was really out of ideas.

To see my initial Spring 10×10 post and all the items I choose in detail, click here.

Let’s get onto the lessons I learnt- and tips for you to think about as well.

1. Classic items with a twist are worth investing in.

While blogs (including this one) tend to preach the need for basic items (your white shirt, your basic black dress), I often time find that classic items with a twist that incorporates your personal style are more versatile. For this challenge, I went for a white blouse with black stripes that gave very simple outfits that little bit of interest. Likewise, my black dress had some strap details which made it far more interesting when you’re trying to do a capsule wardrobe. Finding that balance between classic and unique is the way to go!

Recommendations: Grana Stripe Silk Shirt (click Grana link for 10% off first purchase/affiliate link)

2. Muted and Pastel Colours generally go with your existing wardrobe.

Of course, this depends on your style and wardrobe. But if you have a pretty neutral wardrobe consisting of grey, white, black, camel and denims, pastel colours can really pack a punch. I went for a mint coloured dress and it worked so well with my entire closet. It was definitely the star of the show when it comes to my 10×10 spring capsule.

Recommendation: Everlane Slip Dress in Mint

3. Interesting shoes really make a classic outfit work.

I definitely cheated on the shoes in my spring 10×10 wardrobe. I picked eight items of clothing and left two items for footwear. However, my lifestyle just doesn’t really do with two pairs of footwear. For work, uni, yoga, runs, hikes and date nights, it’s pretty safe to say I switch up my shoes all the time. But one thing I learnt was that shoes really do so much for your outfit- and a small block heel really lifts my confidence when I’m wearing an otherwise plain outfit.

Recommendation: Everlane Day Heel (review here) or Vince Mules

4. Dainty jewellery is always worth investing in.

I really feel like my dainty rings and necklaces made a huge difference in the way my outfits look. They add that little bit of sparkle to an otherwise dull outfit and are the perfect way to look more put together.

Recommendation: By Charlotte necklaces or Mejuri (lusting after a few of these pieces)

5. Denim is an essential in my wardrobe.

This is a strange one as there wasn’t actually any denim in my Spring 10×10 but boy did I miss it. I really wish I had a denim skirt or a denim jacket in the mix somewhere! Speaking of denim, I’ve learnt in the past that you only need one pair of good jeans in a light wish and one pair in a darker wash. At one point, I was accumulating denim like crazy and learnt that one good pair that fits well is all you need.

Recommendation: Everlane Denim (review) or Acne Studios South Jeans (Pricey option)

So, here are the outfits that I came up with: (9 as one of the days I wore the slip dress by itself and was a lounge at home kinda day)

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