6 Workwear Pieces To Own

While I’m starting to enjoy a more minimalist aesthetic, having choices in my clothing has always been a fun, creative outlet. But when it comes to my workwear, I take a very different approach and prefer having almost a ‘formula‘ for good pairings. The workwear part of my closet is curated, with carefully selected dresses, blazers and shoes. I reach for these items day in, day out, again and again, something I wish the rest of my wardrobe would mimic. So here’s a look at my top 6 workwear pieces that form the foundation of my work wardrobe.

Black Dress from COS

To begin, I work in digital marketing and consider the dress code at work to be professional and formal. However, as I am in a role that is not client facing, there is also a bit of flexibility to an extent.

Staple Black Dress

The one item I wear the most to work is definitely the little black dress. It’s not surprising that a staple black dress would be versatile, but it’s also just very simple for those lazy mornings where you want to look sleek and professional. Paired with a simple black blazer, it’s a fail proof combination.

My top pick in this category is definitely the Everlane Wrap Dress which I’ve spoken about countless times. It’s incredibly flattering with a wrap style and is long enough to look elegant and conservative for work. Not to mention, it transitions into evening incredibly well.

Another black dress find recently has been from COS. Structured and functional, this black dress is a COS staple. It’s a cotton material which is lined which just gives it a bit more shape. Comfortable, and a nice alternative for the warmer months.

Mentioned: COS Dress and Everlane Wrap Dress.

COS Trousers
Everlane Work Pant

Black Trousers

A good pair of black trousers go a long way in making a workwear wardrobe. I have two styles I particularly enjoy. The first pair I love are from COS (shown in first photo). They are 7/8 length and are structured and slightly wider in the leg. The high waisted detail makes them very flattering and the stiffer cotton adds structure to the style.

The other favourite is the more traditional, tailored trouser in a slimmer fit. I have tried both the Everlane work pant (pictured in 2nd photo) as well as the slim wool pant. Both are great options if you prefer a slimmer, skinny fit.

Mentioned: Everlane Work Pant and COS Black Trousers.

Structured A-line Skirt

A pencil skirt can often feel a bit too restrictive, so I love to reach for A-line alternatives. I prefer a high waisted skirt that accentuates the waistline and a midi length that’s comfortable and versatile for work. One option I’ve preferred lately has been the & Other Stories version as shown. Paired with a white shirt and a blazer, it makes the perfect work outfit.

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Grana Silk Cotton Shirt

The Perfect White Shirt

Ahh, how I love styling the simple white shirt. I am definitely still in search of the perfect one. I’ve never tried one from Everlane, but my COS version wrinkles too much at the elbow, my Grana version too sheer and my & Other Stories one too boxy. I am interested in trying more styles from COS as they seem to do quite a few different variations. White shirts are definitely some of my favourite items to style for work. They can lend themselves to be more relaxed and effortless or sharp and professional.

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Everlane Oversized Blazer

Oversized Blazer

Ignoring the obvious tailored blazer which is an essential for work, the oversized blazer instantly adds a bit of style into an otherwise simple outfit. My pick for this category would definitely be the Everlane Oversized Blazer in Black. It’s oversized whilst still looking professional and the quality is perfect (note: the different colours in the blazer have different quality/material). I love reaching for this at work but it also transitions into evening very nicely.

Mentioned: Everlane Oversized Blazer

Everlane Day Glove in Rose

Simple Flats

I walk to walk and a good pair of flats are a workwear essential. My Everlane Day Glove are some of my most comfortable shoes. I love my Mocha pair so much that I actually picked up my second pair in Rose. Made from the softest leather, these shoes mould to the feet and a have a cushion on the sole. Because they are so soft, they also suit in my opinion, people with wider feet.

Mentioned: Everlane Day Glove in Mocha and Rose

Sezane Block Heels

A Pair of Block Heels

Shoes with a low-medium block heel are my favourites for everyday and work. The ones I personally prefer (and worn in images) are from Sezane. While I wouldn’t have thought they would be my most worn, I love the versatility of them. The ankle strap on the shoe is a subtle but fun detail and the height is about 5cm which is perfect for me.

If you want to look a bit more polished but still be comfortable, I would definitely recommend a shoe with a low, block heel.

Mentioned: Sezane Ashley Babies

These are just 6 of my personal favourites for work and of course should be seen as a guide only. Every workplace has a different dress code with different levels of formality and it’s always important to observe what others are wearing and expecting.

I’ve also filmed a video on YouTube with these outfits in action (linked below).

Watch my YouTube video to see these outfits in action.

Also, sorry for the hiatus on the blog. I haven’t forgotten about it but rather decided to take a break to focus on my Instagram and YouTube for a while. I am back now, and excited to create more written and visual content.

See you soon and thank you! x

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