7 Wardrobe Essentials || Capsule Wardrobe Talk

Wardrobe essentials are such a personal thing that’s different for everyone…and rightly so! But… there are a few things that tend to be more versatile than others in a capsule wardrobe. Once again, continuing my somewhat more minimal approach to fashion and consuming, I’m motivated to do more capsule wardrobe posts/videos. Speaking of which, I recently started a Youtube channel and would really appreciate it if you could go check it out!

With the new year coming around the corner (where did all that time go??!?), I thought I would kick start a video/blog series about everything and anything related to capsule wardrobes.

What do you mean by Capsule Wardrobe?

It’s a fairly general term- but to me, it’s about a curated selection of clothing that gets lots of love and attention. No, I’m not talking about that skirt from H&M that you wore once but claim to love. It’s about purchasing quality items you love and can see yourself in every day/week/month. These items DO NOT need to be designer or hundreds of dollars which is a misconception about capsules. Nor is my capsule what people would generally consider basic and classic. I have lots of colour and a mix of ‘strange’ trend pieces and classic staples that create a well rounded capsule.

But then again… it’s all relative. Let’s move onto what I believe are essentials for my capsule.

My Capsule Wardrobe Essentials
Black Silk Slip Dress

I talk about my Grana Silk Dress in Black as it is just so versatile. While the most obvious option is wearing the slip dress alone in the summer, you can layer it with just about anything. As I show in the video, it’s a sweet option for layering over cashmere sweaters, long sleeves and t-shirts. You can also change up the look of a slip dress by adding coats and bomber jackets. The versatility of this simple slip dress is what makes it a wardrobe essential in my capsule. I reach for this weekly and is a highly recommend from me.

It immediately gives carefree vibes as the silk is so flowy and light weight. The simple elegance of the dress is another perk! Click here to shop the slip dress from Grana.

Silk Cami

This is a nice one for layering as well. Similar to the slip dress, it works with just about anything and everything. Silk is actually a very comfortable material to wear in the Summer (even in Australia). The care and maintenance is also surprisingly easy. I hand wash mine at home and dry on the clothes line and so far so good. I would prefer a silk cami to a polyester cami any day and the price is quite comparable!

One of my go to looks for the summer is a black silk cami tucked into denim shorts. So easy and very very minimal chic. Here’s a link to the Everlane sage green cami.

Cashmere Sweater

Do I even need to talk about this one. Chances are if you’ve been on my blog, you will have seen me talk on and on about cashmere sweaters (if not, read here). They’re simple, they’re warm, they layer well… what more could we want?

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Everlane Casmere Crew Neck Frost Donegal
Bomber Jacket

I didn’t used to like these. But this one from Everlane and this one from Grana have changed my mind. I often time overdress because I love luxurious pieces and fancy dresses that don’t suit my lifestyle. However, if I throw a bomber jacket over the top, it instantly creates an effortless feeling that I love (in case I haven’t repeated that enough already). The Grana silk bomber drapes in the most wonderful and elegant way (review here) while the Everlane is a thicker more traditional style of a bomber jacket that’s very casual chic (see my review here). Click here to shop Everlane’s Bomber.

Mules- AKA my everyday shoe

These are definitely what I slip on when I’m running errands and want a casual comfy shoe. They have a slight block heel that doesn’t cause any discomfort. They slide on making them so easy to put on and go. Not to mention that they look so good on with any outfit! Mine are from Vince but you should find these everywhere nowadays. Click here to shop the Vince mules.

Minimal Watch+ Dainty jewellery

Let your accessories speak. This is somewhat cliche but they really do a lot for your wardrobe. I wear my Linjer watch pretty much everyday to work and they make a simple ‘white shirt look’ appear 100 times more polished and smart. This is also where my dainty little gold necklaces come in. With simple and minimal jewellery, outfits tend to look more finished and makes having less clothes more enjoyable as you can really use your accessories to change up your capsule wardrobe. Click here to shop the Linjer watch.

Linjer watch+ Lots of accessories

So that’s that! Hope you enjoyed my post and video about wardrobe essentials you need (IMO) in a capsule wardrobe. If you are thinking about anything feel free to check out some of my videos featuring basic wardrobe items! (Grana Clothing Review and Uniqlo Try-on Video).