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Leura in NSW is one of my favourite country towns filled with beautiful gardens, delicious eateries and boutique shops full of vintage finds and unique homewares. This weekend, I escaped Sydney with my boyfriend to the Blue Mountains region and stayed in the beautiful town of Leura. I visit the town frequently and thought I would do a roundup of the best places to go, eat and see.

When I think of Leura, NSW, I think of beautiful gardens, lovely scenic hikes and a vibrant cafe and shopping strip, full of charisma and charm. While the village is filled with tourists enjoying themselves, the walks and garden visits can be incredibly peaceful and relaxing, offering the very best of both worlds.

Where to stay in Leura

In my recent trip, I stayed at ‘The Shed’ in Leura, a lovely Airbnb that is reminiscent, as the name would suggest, a Shed. With high ceilings and plenty of natural light, not to mention interiors to die for, it was really the highlight of our trip. We woke up to sun flooding into the rooms and had dinner beside the window as the sun set for the day. Being in the backyard of someone’s house also meant that it felt more like home. It gave us a glimpse of what everyday life in Leura might be like, away from the more traditional hotel options.

Otherwise, my preferred hotel in the Blue Mountains area is the Fairmont Blue Mountains hotel which I frequently visit. The rooms have a country character to them but the best part is definitely the facilities on offer. From a large cinema to two pools, an arcade, spa and yoga class in the morning, there is so much to explore, and so many things to do.

Best Places to Go in Leura

This time, we escaped the more touristy parts of the Blue Mountains such as the Three Sisters which we had both seen many times in the past. Instead we re-visited and discovered some hidden gems on a more leisurely and relaxed weekend trip.

Bridal Veil and Olympian Lookout

My favourite spot in the Blue Mountains that I visit every time is the Bridal Veil Lookout and the Olympian Lookout. While it’s a part of many hikes, there is an access road from opposite the Toy and Rail Museum that is a 2 minute shortcut to the lookout.

Note: The entry I am talking about is not the paid section through the red gates. Facing the gates, if you walk along the road to the left, you will see a walkway leading somewhere. Follow that walk for 2-5 minutes, and you will get to the lookout.

Once you arrive, you can take in the peace and quiet as there are often only 1-2 people around. There’s spectacular views of Blue Mountains and some seats to enjoy a rest in the sun overlooking unbeatable views.

Everglades House and Gardens

With so many wonderful things to do in Leura, I’ve always put off the Everglades House and Gardens visit as it is paid entry ($15 adult and $10 concession). The trip was a special one to celebrate a belated birthday so we decided to finally visit the Everglades House and Gardens. It was a wonderful decision and I would wholeheartedly recommend the morning spent in the gardens.

October is Spring in Sydney and many of the tulips and wisterias were in full bloom. It was incredibly colourful and with 13 acres to explore, there was no shortage of things to look at. The entire garden took about 2 hours to fully explore- though we did stop many times to sit down and take in the surroundings. From the glades to a small waterfall, arch ways and lots of blooms, it was a beautiful place to enjoy a quiet morning.

Leura Cascades Circuit Walk

While the main waterfall of Leura Cascades (near the carpark) is nice, I always enjoy the Leura Cascades Fern Bower circuit walk the most when it comes to views. We did take a cut in the middle of it and ended up doing the walk in about 1-2 hours. Nonetheless, it was beautiful and a good way to see the cliffs, falls and local valleys.

Street Art and Local Galleries

The Blue Mountains area has lots of art galleries, perfect for a wander through on the weekend. If you’re in Katoomba, there is a small street art walk which is worthwhile for a visit. Otherwise, some of our visits that we enjoyed include the Adrian Gilbert Art Gallery, Lost Bear Gallery and the Kate Soady Gallery inside Moontree Candles.

Leura Village

Leura Village is the main strip of shopping and restaurants in Leura and has a vibrant vibe on the weekends. There are lots of luscious greenery and plants around that makes it enjoyable to wander around with a coffee in hand. We came across 2-3 street musicians on the Saturday which gave the place a real vibe that we thoroughly enjoyed. The shops offer lots of homeware and gift ideas such as candles, fragrances and showcase some art from the local area.

Where to eat in Leura

Leura Gourmet Cafe & Deli Restaurant

The first place I always head to for a casual and delicious lunch is the Leura Deli. In the front of the store, they sell cold meats, cheese and pastries. In the back is a dining space with large windows and a beautiful view. The food is plated in a simple way but is delicious and feels like a home cooked meal. I always like their soup of the day with some french bread. The steak sandwhich is also a yummy option.

Cafe Madeline

Located on the main strip of shops in Leura, Cafe Madeline is just a few shops down from the deli. We had breakfast here on our second day and loved the atmosphere as well as the food. There’s a certain French charm about the place that I loved with cute interiors + design. I would highly recommend a seat outside the cafe, looking out at the street especially when the weather is nice. I had the french toast while my boyfriend had the bacon muddle and it was just such a nice way to relax and spend a morning. The brioche french toast was done very well.

The perfect town for a weekend getaway

Leura was really the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. Our Airbnb was definitely one of the highlights as it was romantic, stylish and quite a unique experience. Hope you enjoyed seeing this mini Leura travel guide.

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3 years ago

Hi! Lovely fashion concept as always but I was wondering what size is your yellow (floral) Faithfull dress? I’m thinking of getting one myself but sometimes their sizes can be tricky. Thanks!

3 years ago

The Shed looks so cosy! This is exactly the kind of getaway cabin I’ve been searching for 🙂

3 years ago

i visit the blue mts at least once a year so will definitely have to check out the Bridal Veil and Olympian lookouts (am all for that shortcut haha)! we recently passed through leura a month ago during spring and the main strip was blooming with flowers everywhere – so so beautiful!!