A Valentines Gift Ramble.

With Valentines day around the corner, I started to pick up some bits and pieces for the boyfriend.

I’m going to make a generalisation and say that a lot of guys (and girls as a matter of fact) don’t particularly care about the gift we give them for Valentines. A super cheesy post perhaps- but it is really about the thought. Whether celebrating with friends, a boyfriend/girlfriend or partner, I’m always one to embrace the holiday.


The cheese factor is definitely high here. When I bought these cards from the shop, I was definitely cringing as I brought these to the counter. But I couldn’t resist- something funny and cute to laugh about is definitely a plus for me.

A good card is so important for Valentines. And a well written message- personal and kind is essential. I hate it when I get cards from people where there are no messages inside but To Helen, From…


I really treasure my cards and they are a great way to show you care. So ladies and gentleman- point is- put thought into this very small step. It counts… ALOT.


I was chatting to a friend who recently started dating. We were talking about budgets and she had a crazy one. I think with Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries… it adds up. For me, Valentines is a happy holiday and I didn’t want any of the stress of money. It’s perfectly fine to make things, to customise and to pay more attention to what you are doing that day (dinner, movie, theatre…).


I love this gift wrap paper. Tied together with some brown string, it’s fun and pretty.




I hope you guys enjoyed this post and the photos. It’s still a while away- but I hope everyone has a good Valentines day whatever you may be doing.



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Vikas Acharya
5 years ago

Reblogged this on Journal Edge.

Lauren's Notebook
5 years ago

I love how you style your photos! And that you picked out non-traditional colors like blue instead of the usual valentines pink and red!

5 years ago

Always, always love your beautiful photos! Your post makes me so excited for Valentine’s Day. 💕

5 years ago

Such a cute post! A lot of people may call Valentine’s day such a commercial day! But to me, it’s an excuse to celebrate something. It’s a nice date, in which I can plan something fun to do. It’s a day to celebrate love and it makes my February so much more fun! xoxo Sarah

Samantha Sheinson
5 years ago

Such sweet prezzies for the holiday!

Mademoiselle Coconath
5 years ago

Cute post!
Mademoiselle Coconath

5 years ago

Lovely! Really like the photos !