A Week in Outfits: Colour Edition (New YouTube Series)

I’ve been thinking for a while about starting a mini fashion series on YouTube just so I could be making consistent content and always have something to work on. While the ‘Week in Outfits’ series has been done a lot on YouTube, I liked the idea! I’ve decided to try and use this as an opportunity to talk about some of my current favourites without having to do sit down favourites videos. In addition, I’m going to give each video a particular theme so there’s some sort of point behind each edition. These will go up twice a month and I hope you all enjoy these ‘A Week in Outfit’ videos.

So here are some of my favourite items from my colour edition ‘A Week in Outfits’ video.

Links to all items are mentioned in my Youtube video so click above to check it out ! 

1. Everlane Wide Leg Cropped Pant

These have really been a go to in my wardrobe as of late. I’ve really gotten back into trousers and pants as the weather cools down in Australia. They are in this soft pink colour and is versatile, fun and flattering-ish. I am short but I like the way the pull me in at the waist but each to their own. It’s so easy to pull these on and add some interest to an otherwise boring outfit. Click here for detailed review.

2. Whistles Parisien T-Shirt

Okay so this is a blogger favourite especially seen on channels such as Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit. I love those two girls but this t-shirt is really a soft, drapey material and is very luxurious to the touch. It is a little transparent but definitely not bothersome nor very obvious. The colourful logo is such a good way to add colour into my wardrobe and I could not be happier with the way it looks on. I’ve worn this almost every second day since I got it so there’s no regrets despite the somewhat ridiculous price tag.

3. Everlane Red Day Heels

For those of you who are afraid of wearing colour, a good pair of shoes or a small purse might be the way to go. You just have to invest in one thing which instantly brightens up all your different neutral outfits. See here for a detailed review of the day heels as I’ve mentioned them to death in some of my blog posts and videos.

4. Uniqlo U T-Shirt in Mustard

I absolutely love the way this one looks. From the beautiful mustard colour to the shape of the collar, it’s just an ideal t-shirt for casual days. And this one is a steal (especially compared to the Whistles T-Shirt). It is a thicker cotton and a more sturdy material but it doesn’t have the drape of the Whistles t-shirt. It’s all up to what kind of look you’re going for.

5. Bite Beauty Lipsticks

Bet you didn’t expect this one. As of late, I’m falling in love with makeup and beauty products again. I’ve been watching the lovely Matilda on YouTube and boy is she easy to love. Her videos are creative and fun and really focused on the glorious colours of each beauty product. But anyways, she got me to start reaching for my punchy red and burgundy lipsticks again which has been the best and easiest way to add colour into my outfits. I’m wearing the colour Liquorice from Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche in my videos. Best lipstick range ever. Click here to find them.

Hope you all enjoyed looking at some of my favourites for the week that were shown in my Colour Edition of my new ‘A Week in Outfit’ series. I’m going to be talking twice a month about my favourites for the fortnight on my blog and doing the corresponding video on my YouTube so stay tuned for that!


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4 years ago

Oh I love this idea for a series! It’s a nice way to have some consistency with Youtube too, I’ve been struggling with it but need to try give my channel some more dedication this year!

That fun striped skirt is my favourite piece from all your outfits 🙂

Hope you had a lovely weekend! We took the boys to an indoor play centre to get out of the humid weather and they loved it 🙂

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