A Week in Outfits: Transitional Wardrobe

Dressing for the transitional period is sometimes an excuse for me to go on a bit of a splurge given the change in the season and my constant excuse that there’s simply nothing to wear. However, with my improved habits, I’m proud to say that I have done nothing crazy of that sort this year. I’ve been particularly inspired by styling what’s in my wardrobe and I hope you enjoy the second ‘A week in outfits’ video!

I’ve tried to find the links for the items I’ve mentioned and where they are sold out I’ve tried to find dupes!Β 

Outfit 1 and 2

I tend to be fairly repetitive within any given week. If I take something out of my wardrobe, it sits on my rack and I reach for it as much as possible without anyone noticing (esp on those tired days where I’ve had limited sleep and running off to Uni and work). In the first outfit, I’m wearing a lot of my wardrobe favourites.Β  In my first outfit, or as I call it my ‘go to’ for days when I’m running late, I reached for my trusty Grana sweater, Grana culottes (see here for ALL my Grana reviews) as well as my Staud Bucket bag. Not surprisingly, I have done reviews on all of these items on my blog!

In outfit two, I went for my staple Grana silk shirt with the stripes as well as a ruffle skirt from cmeo collective. I don’t reach for shorter skirts very often but I really enjoy the rusted orange shade as well as the ruffle details. It’s versatile enough to style in different ways but trendy enough to add some interest to any outfit

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Outfits 3 and 4

Outfit 3 featured a more androgynous and masculine look borrowed from the boyfriend. I’m wearing my CDG play white shirt as well as Everlane Slouchy Chinos, paired with my Joseph block heels for a more feminine touch. This is my go to outfit when I want to look put together but like I haven’t tried too hard.

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Outfits 5, 6 and 7

Outfit 5 and 7 are definitely more relaxed given they’re Friday and Sunday’s look. In both, I’m wearing my Grana volume sweaterΒ  but I’ve linked an Everlane dupe as the Grana one is no longer available. I’ve also noticed a trend of preferring wide leg pants despite them being somewhat unflattering without heels on my smaller frame. On Saturday, I went for my lover midi skirt as well as a Uniqlo button down cotton sweater.

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Accessories of the week

A great crossbody bag and a cute pair of shoes is my favourite way of mixing up an otherwise boring outfit. My Vince Mules are a definite staple but this week I’ve pulled out the Everlane Modern Loafers again (review here)! Also featured are my Staud bucket bag, my Alma BB and my Joseph block heels.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my week of outfits focusing on dressing in the transitional seasons. I’ve definitely been working to improve my content and would love your feedback on what type of content you enjoy seeing from me! I’ll be doing a video on my transitional wardrobe must haves and favourites so stay tuned for that next week! x


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4 years ago

Oh there’s that striped skirt I love again, so nice seeing multiple ways to style it! πŸ™‚

It’s still been so hot here in Brisbane, I’m waiting for the weather to cool down so I can get some of my warmer pieces out! πŸ™‚

Hope you are having a great start to your week so far! We were at a theme park on Monday, so that was a fun way to kick off the week πŸ™‚

Away From The Blue Blog

4 years ago

Love these weekly outfit roundups! If you could add a couple of photos of each outfit so we can see different angles it would be great!