Acne Studios Musubi ‘Mini’ Bag Review

I recently added the Acne Studios Musubi bag to my handbag family and since doing so, it’s been my everyday bag to work and to brunch. It’s made from a warm almond brown leather that appears smooth but on closer inspection, there’s a subtle grain to it. I was definitely drawn to the bag because of the origami style design and its detailing inspired by the Japanese Obi Sash.

This bag comes in many confusing size variations. There’s the micro, the mini (reviewed here), midi, maxi and bucket versions of the Musubi bag. The one I’m talking about here is the ‘mini‘ which is really actually a small-medium sized bag.

Acne Studios Mini Musubi Bag Review
Acne Studios Mini Musubi Bag Review

Pros of the Acne Studios Musubi Bag

Other than being a very elegant and unique medium sized bag, great for everyday, this bag is surprisingly functional. The bag is spacious and is compartmentalised into three sections, the left, right and a zippered pocket in between. The compartment in the middle comes with a long fabric logo strap attached to the zip. This is one of the small design features that has made it so much easier to use and pull open. The compartments has meant my bag has stayed somewhat more organised and everything has it’s place, unlike the bucket bags I’m used to

Acne Studios Mini Musubi Bag Review
Inside the Acne Studios Musubi Mini

The bag seems to hold just about all my everyday essentials from my wallet, phone, vlogging camera (or small mirrorless camera) to my coffee keep cup, light cardigan and beauty bag. I have no problems using this for work to carry all my daily essentials. However, it still appears to be a small bag, which is great for the weekend.

I love the design and function of the straps on this bag. I tend to wear it by the top handle, but I love the ease of having a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is adjustable, and can be worn both crossbody or on the shoulder. It can also be removed if needed. It’s a pet peeve of mine when shoulder straps are too long on me (I’m 160 cm or 5’3). However the straps here are very adjustable and can go quite short/long depending on your preference.

Acne Studios Mini Musubi Bag Review

The leather on the bag is very soft and I haven’t noticed any scratches. The small grain on the leather seems to hide any scratches. I definitely haven’t been overly careful when using this bag and there’s not a mark or scratch anywhere.

Another very important perk of the bag is that it is light. Surprising light, something I find important in a medium sized bag that fits a lot. There’s nothing that ruins a bag more than a weighty design too cumbersome for everyday. This bag is almost just a shell, very reminiscent of a bucket bag with minimal hardware and made from a light leather. Any weight from the bag is mainly from the obi sashes on the sides as well as the dual straps on the bag.

The ‘Acne Studios’ logo is very subtle on the bag, and done through what looks like blind embossing. I like how subtle the logo is, and makes the bag look very clean and minimal.

One thing I was uncertain about was the colour. I found last year’s more neutral, light brown drool worthy. However the almond brown from this year’s season is growing on me and has proved to be very versatile while adding quite a pop of colour. I would recommend getting this bag in a brown or a colour that makes the obi sash pop. I personally find the design stands out more on a colour rather than their black version.

Cons of the Acne Studios Musubi Bag

On first receiving the bag, I was worried the opening of the bag as well as the position of the top handle would make it difficult to access things hidden at the bottom. Surprisingly, this hasn’t been much of an issue. The leather top handle as well as the bag itself are both quite flexible which means you can easily move the top handle to the side to see the entirety of what’s in your bag.

There is a button snap closure at the top of the bag. When done up, the bag appears a bit more compact and ‘finished’. I find this snap closure a hassle to use most of the time. It takes a bit of manoeuvring to match the buttons up and quite a bit of force to snap it close/ and open it. I tend to almost always have the bag open, as the opening is not huge, so my things do feel quite secure in this bag.

Acne Studios Mini Musubi Bag Review

Final thoughts

Having used it almost everyday in the last 6 weeks, this bag has truly been a worthwhile addition to my small handbag family. The design is beautiful as well as functional for the everyday woman and is versatile to suit many occasions. I love it equally for the office, and for leisure, which just means this bag will get the love it deserves and be on constant rotation.

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*This bag was partly gifted to me in a past collaboration with Farfetch where I was given a credit to use. This post is not sponsored.