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Grana makes up a good percentage of my wardrobe and it’s not uncommon in a week for me to reach for something of theirs everyday. Part of this is because I turn to them for basics, part is due to the number of reviews I write and the other is just that I appreciate their use of natural materials and fibres which are also sourced responsibly.

I’ve therefore created this blog post to keep all my Grana reviews in one place. I will update this every time I publish new content on Grana (which will be often) so stay tuned for more.


While Everlane caters for the tall slim girl, I find Grana sizes and proportions much more suited to my frame at just 5’3 or 160cm. I like that shipping to Australia is fairly fast and that there is very little tailoring needed for items to fit me perfectly on first sight. I go for an XS which is true to size for me. I am an AU 6 and a US 2.

Generally, I find Grana’s quality to be on par with Everlane. From time to time I find that it falls behind in terms of the thickness of the silk, or the texture of the wool. But all in all, they’re fairly comparable. I generally prefer Everlane’s styles and cuts (see review here) and find them to be a bit more unique with items such as their wide leg crop pants, flare denim and blazers. However, Grana seems to be updating their range right now and have discontinued quite a few items. I do like a lot of the new designs and I will update this page as I test them out!

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Grana Silk Halter Neck Cami

Grana Cashmere Crew Neck,


Grana Silk Slip Dress

Grana Poplin Drop Shoulder Dress


Grana Silk Culottes


Grana Silk Bomber

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