An Arket Clothing Review | Is Arket Petite Friendly?

Arket has been one of those brands that I’ve been meaning to try for the longest time. It pops up frequently on my Instagram feed and is shown on my favourite bloggers, but I had my reservations on whether it would actually look good on my more petite frame.

So I decided to order some of their popular pieces and film a try-on to help anyone out there considering their pieces and wondering how their clothes will fit. For reference I’m 160cm and 5’3 🙂

Here are some quick thoughts on some of Arket’s most popular items. If you’ll like to see more reviews and details, I go into more depth in the video above.

Arket Blazers – Wool & Linen

I really want to love this item as both the wool (oversized wool hopsack blazer 32) and linen (oversized heavy linen blazer 32) feel top notch in terms of quality and fabrication.

The wool is completely lined and feels like a high quality wool that’s medium weight with an elegant drape.

The linen is partially lined which is well designed for the summer time to keep the piece perfect for warmer weather.

The downside is that they sit far too long on me through the body (for my preference). While I’ll be happy to tailor the sleeves, the body of the blazer falls too long on me, which would indeed be a very expensive job to alter to fit me right.

While it’s tempting to keep this for the quality, I’m sure that there are blazers out there that would fit in an oversized yet balanced way, which would be more to my liking and style.

Arket Trousers

This is undoubtly what I consider the best of Arket. All of their trousers I’ve tried, have had high quality fabrics with designs that would suit both taller and more petite ladies (with some slight adjustments to the hem). I now have two pairs of their trousers made from 100% wool which both drape beautifully.

If you can find a style you like, I find the quality and fabric to be one of the best out there. The taupe pair I tried on is one of my favourites and you can find it here.

Arket Cotton Basics

I wasn’t overly impressed by the cotton basics – such as their t-shirts and tank tops, mostly due to fit.

The oversized heavy weight t-shirt had a structured feeling that makes it slightly awkward to tuck in nicely. I tend to prefer thick and soft t-shirts (Uniqlo U T-Shirts for example) and this Arket option just didn’t live up to the hype for me.

The tank top had a much softer and nicer fabric, but it was really let down by the fit that was so long, it needed to be about 20-30 cm shorter to fit well.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely LOVE the quality of Arket and can definitely appreciate the consistency of the brand in terms of quality. Fit wise, there’s a trend in all the pieces to be FAR TOO oversized on someone petite. There’s oversized and then there’s Arket which would often need to be much shorter to work for me.

I love their trousers which I can recommend to those of you who are interested, but as to the other items it would just depend on how oversized you feel comfortable wearing for your own style.