An Overview of Everlane Shoes | Everlane sizing, comfort and fit

I’ve been a long time fan of Everlane shoes and it’s actually one of my earlierst blog posts that I ever wrote featuring the red Day Heels which I loved and adored. So much has changed on this blog since then, but happy to say that my obsession with everything Everlane hasn’t. So while this blog post isn’t going to cover everything, I have done separate reviews of A LOT of Everlane shoes which are all linked down below.

Enjoy the read my loves!

I think the Block Heel Sandal is amongst my favourite shoes that’s ever existed so it’s no surprise that they’re at the top (review here). The boss boot is probably the winner in the lowest cost per wear as I’ve worn them so, so much. I love the heel boot from Everlane as it is such a comfortable and classic shoe with beautiful colours in the suede material. The day glove is the winner for comfort (review here) and the modern loafer is one of the most classic shoes I’ve come across. Where would I be without mentioning the day heel where I did two reviews (see I told you I loved them) so click here to see the updated version and here to see the in- depth review.

So there you go, all my Everlane shoe reviews in one place. This isn’t the end all be all and stay tuned to see regular updates from me as to how these are wearing and check my Instagram here to see styling inspo featuring these shoes!

If you’re a first time customer, I would love if you could use this referral code if you’re thinking about making a purchase 🙂

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4 years ago

Hi! This is not related to shoes but I remember you own the Day Market Tote from Everlane. Do you still use it? How is the durability so far? Is it holding up? I am curious because I have read others complaining about the bag being saggy after using for a while, like it doesn’t hold up its structure anymore. It looks really nice from pictures but I’m just worried it wouldn’t last too long. Also, I just read your blog post and watched your YouTube video about Cuyana’s Mini Tassel Bag. I have to say it’s really pretty and… Read more »