babaà No.17 Wool Jumper Review

A babaà knit has always been that dreamy wardrobe piece Ive wanted to invest in. I decided to bite the bullet and go for it a few weeks ago and have been wearing it non stop since. This knit is 100% the kind of aesthetic I love – it’s chunky, oversized and cosy.

I decided to go for no.17 in oak as i loved the pockets and the chunky buttons. Despite the more premium price tag, the knit is made from 100% eco wool, something I find very hard to come by on the high-street especially when it comes to finding something both pure wool and chunky at the same time.

Quality and Wool Softness

When I first received this, the wool did feel a bit more scratchy than what I was expecting. I don’t know if it was just my knit but mine came with rough little fibres almost like pieces of grass that were extremely itchy. Once these fell off (within a few wears or when you pick them off), the knit felt much softer.

I read that it does soften overtime so I decided to hold onto it given how much I loved the chunkiness and overall look.

I’ve had it for just under a month and worn it most days either around the place or out on walks and errands and it has softened up even more. While it does still have a certain roughness to it that I find common on wool pieces, it is now very comfortable to wear. Being a bit cashmere obsessed when it comes to knitwear, this definitely doesn’t compare when it comes to softness. However, the material feels durable, good quality and like a knit that will last me many many years.

The material is great for people with normal or non-sensitive skin. I would not recommend this to people who have any sensitivity to wool.


I’ve only had it for a month so there has been minimal pilling. I imagine it will have some pilling like all wool knits but on first impressions, it seems to be minor. I have a wool brush that I run over my knits periodically when needed to help with removing pilling.


This knit has been so versatile in my wardrobe and I absolutely think it will be a staple for years to come – something I don’t always promise given that I review and share a lot of pieces on my YouTube and Instagram. I’ve mostly paired it with midi dresses and skirts which make up a good 50% of my daily outfits. It seems to add the right amount of casualness to the look for days where I want to wear a nice dress and not look overdone.This is also the perfect knit to pair with skinny straight leg or skinny jeans to counteract the volume of the knit.

Sizing + The Fit

This knit only comes in one size, something that I often find does not work on my petite frame. I am 160 cm or 5’3 and usually wear a size XS, AU 6 or US 0-2.

This knit is large on me, but it’s in a nice aesthetic way and matches with the style quite well. The only area that is potentially bothersome is that the sleeves don’t cuff tightly on the bottom, so the sleeves are a tad too long. However, hopefully you can see in the images that it is nothing too overwhelming.

Length wise, it reaches just below the hips on me. It’s neither too long or too cropped which I appreciate.

I think this knit will easily fit a range of sizes, especially girls who are between a size small to large. Girls who are XS will find it a little on the oversized side. Girls who are XL may find it a little small. However these are just assumptions and it is best to refer to their sizing chart or reach out to their team.

Would I purchase a babaà knit again?

Taking into account the beautiful way the knits look as well as the lovely quality – despite not being the absolute softest – this is a brand who I will definitely look at when I am lusting over another chunky knit. I personally find it quite hard to dupe a babaà knit given the 100% eco wool construction and just how thick and cosy it is. However, if any comes to mind for you, please share in the comments!