Best and Worst Luxury Purchases (2017)

2017 was definitely the year where I dipped my toes into more luxury items in the pursuit of fewer, better. Whether that was wise, the verdict is still out. But I am proud to say that I’ve become much more fussy about the items I choose to purchase and add to my life. The size of my closet is also probably 1/3 of what it used to be. But onto the luxury purchases. I’ve decided to do a post featuring some of my more fancy purchases over the course of 2017 and whether they were worth it after testing these out for 6-12 months… and ultimately whether I would recommend it to other people.

Starting with the Best.

Acne Studios Canada Scarf

I really loved this. And I would not hesitate to pick up another one in the future. I think that defines a good purchase especially when these scarves do come at a pretty high price point. I love how soft the lambswool is and how wide the scarf is. It is so cosy to use as a blanket on those days where you’ve forgotten a jacket. But equally, it is gorgeous looking as a scarf and very simple but lux. I haven’t really been able to find anything I like as much as so many scarves on the market are not 100% wool, comfortable to wear, thick and cosy. The Acne Studios Canada Scarf has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag in Mini 

This very popular bag has been so well loved in 2017. I think so many bags are beautiful but they’re not necessarily that functional. However, this one is. From the exterior, it’s minimal and stunning. It’s structured but light as air. It’s surprisingly easy to open and close even with the drawstring. More than that, the best thing is that it fits an absolute tonne. I can put my camera, a water bottle and also fit some other bits and bobs. Any scratches on the vegetable tanned leather has also been able to be buffed out. I don’t think I have anything negative to say about this bag.

RM William Boots 

Black Chelsea boots are an essential in my Winter wardrobe. And I’ve spent so much money on cheaper alternatives that just don’t hold up. I decided to invest in a really classic pair of boots with really good craftsmanship. I can’t really comment too much on the longevity just yet but so far so good. I also got them on sale and they are definitely far superior to any of the cheaper versions I’ve had in the past.

The Good.

Louis Vuitton Alma BB

I picked up this bag in Paris from the flagship store and it is such an iconic bag. There’s so much to love about this bag but it comes with a very hefty price. I got it in Paris with tax off which made it slightly easier to accept but probably more than what anyone has to spend on a bag. It’s a nice elegant bag which is definitely more beautiful than it is functional. The shape means that it doesn’t fit a huge amount especially with the curved top. The strap is also non-adjustable which means it is a little bit long on my frame (I’m 160cm or 5’3).

The Okay.

Acne Studios South Jeans in Mid Blue

I really do like these jeans. I don’t really regret them in the sense they were a bad purchase. But I feel like places like Everlane, ASOS and Topshop do some pretty great jeans too. They come with a mid-rise and a straight leg. They’ve worn really nicely and are really quite comfortable. I think the price point on these are not too bad, especially for Acne Studios. I’ve seen these discounted for about 150. Overall, I think denim is an area where you don’t have to invest. It’s just about finding the right fit at the right place.

Comme Des Garcons White Shirt 

Once again, this was an okay purchase. I probably regret that I spent so much on the little red heart. It has a fairly slim fit and I’ve just learnt that I much prefer my white shirts oversized and to fit more like a men’s shirt. I could definitely have skipped out on this purchase. However, if you’re quite petite, Comme Des Garcons is likely to fit you well.

Hope you all enjoyed seeing this post and that it was of some help if you’re thinking about one of these pieces. I do go into a bit more detail in my video if you want to check it out!