A Cashmere Sweater Guide | Everlane, Grana and Uniqlo Review

Everlane Oversized V Neck Cashmere Sweater
Grana Cashmere Crew Neck

My Cashmere Picks

I can’t even begin to express how in love I am with cashmere sweaters and I’ve tried ones in the last year from Grana, Uniqlo and now the Everlane Cashmere Sweater. Nothing is as soft or as versatile as a cashmere sweater. I like to wear it as a base layer on those super cold days or as the outer layer during transitional months. The Uniqlo, Grana and Everlane are all about the same price but I have some definite favourites when it comes to my cashmere.

What I’m Comparing
  1. Uniqlo V-Neck+Turtleneck Cashmere in Black
  2. Everlane Crew Neck Cashmere in Donegal
  3. Everlane Mock Neck Cashmere in Stripes
  4. Grana Crew Neck in Blush Pink (Grey is shown in picture)
Style and Colours

When it comes to the number of styles, colours and combinations, Everlane cashmere is a definite winner. Everlane makes their cashmere in the typical crew neck, v-neck, mock neck and turtle neck. I decided to go for the crew neck in Donegal and the mock neck in Stripes. With the recent additions in colour, Everlane cashmere has become my favourite.

Grana has the classic styles of crew neck, v neck and some other variations and blends. However, they don’t have the same colour range and a lot of their items only offer 2-3 colour variations. However, they have recently released new colours which is promising. The Uniqlo range is decent but I never liked the styles as the cuffing/ribbing/length never seemed flattering.

I have to say the style is the most important factor for me. I love the fabric designs of Everlane such as the Donegal and the Stripes. The sleeve lengths are perfect and it’s all very flattering.

Winner: Everlane

Quality of Cashmere

I would say the difference is that Everlane is softest, Grana is thicker and more durable and Uniqlo is fluffy but less luxurious. I personally like the Everlane because it is so luxurious feeling on the skin. There is no itchiness what so ever. The Everlane is a recent addition so I can’t speak much for piling. However, the Grana and Uniqlo have both experienced minimal to no piling. The Uniqlo one is my least favourite as the material is fluffier, feels more delicate and less pleasant on the skin.

Winner: Everlane (followed very closely by Grana)


As I’ve mentioned, the Grana one seems to be the most durable as it is a bit thicker and less delicate than the Everlane. This is something to take into account if you’re stuck between the two sweaters. The Uniqlo sweater is fluffy and feels quite delicate as well. However, I feel as if all of these cashmere sweaters will last for many years to come as cashmere is so lovely to begin with.

Winner: Grana 


This is a super important factor for me when choosing a cashmere sweater. I like my clothes to fit well and sometimes I tailor things but this is obviously not an option here, so they have to fit very well. I’m normally a size US 2 or AU 6 and went for Everlane’s XXS, Grana’s XS and Uniqlo’s size XS. As I’ve mentioned, the Uniqlo jumpers just did not fit right on me. The crew neck ones had an awkward cuff near the hips that was unflattering while the v-necks are just a little shallow making them an odd fit on my frame.

Winner: Everlane (but depends)


A crew neck sweater is the best style to go with in my opinion. It makes it appropriate for all seasons. I can carry it around with me in the S/S season while it can be layered during the winter and autumn months over a tee. However, the v-neck makes it difficult to wear with something underneath as it normally shows through. The mock neck is just a tad too much for season other than Winter/Autumn.

Winner: The Crew Neck

Caring for Cashmere Sweaters

I have a cashmere comb (that came with Grana’s Cashmere Sweater) that I like to use when there is any piling. In terms of cleaning, they’ve been less maintenance than expected. A lot of people are turned off cashmere as the label always says dry-clean only. I’ve taken them to the dry cleaner and have also hand washed these and so far so good.

This really should not be a concern as cashmere is not as high maintenance as it’s made out to be. It is a good idea to wear a tee shirt or cami as an underlayer so your jumpers can go through more wears before washes.

Winner: Grana (comes with a cashmere comb)


If you can’t tell already, Everlane cashmere is my definite favourite here. It’s the newest to my collection and the one that brings me the most joy when I wear it. I just can’t resist the Donegal and Stripe patterns that Everlane has recently released. On the other hand, the Uniqlo is my least favourite. It’s not a bad cashmere sweater by any means but it’s just not as flattering or as soft as the Everlane and Grana ones.

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