Colourpop: A Review of The Best Sellers

I’m doing a review of Colourpop’s most popular items because I find it can be tricky to decide what to pick up as there are just too many beautiful and stunning options. I included some of their top picks and did a quick review to let you know how some of their formulas work. Overall, I do love Colourpop. I think for the price, the quality, pigmentation and lasting power are just brilliant.

Eyeshadows:  Sequin is a Super Shock Shadow and is a stunningly gorgeous copper colour with a lot of shine and shimmer. I am so excited to try more of their eyeshadows as the texture is so buttery and the colours are so sparkly and brilliant which is right up my alley. However, the buttery shadow doesn’t really work well with a normal flat eyeshadow brush. I find it is prettier and more pigmented to just swipe it on with your fingers and then blend it with a fluffy crease brush. The colour disappears for some reason with a flat shader brush. 4/5

Highlighter: The highlighter Scrumptious is a soft pink with silver flecks. I feel like it compares to my higher end highlighters such as my new Benefit Dandelion (which I love). It’s more of a dramatic highlighter and gives the most amazing sheen.This is definitely my favourite item from the lot. As with their eyeshadows though, I find the effect is more dramatic when you tap it on the top of your cheekbones with your fingers rather than a brush. It is soooo lovely. 5/5

Lip Products: Creeper (Ultra Matte) and Frick N Frack (Ultra Satin): I first saw the Ultra Matte formulas (Creeper) on a friend and I loved the colour but was not sure about the drying formula and the way it wore off. It’s the kind of product that looks patchy after a few hours and wears around the centre of the lip when it touches any food or oily product. However, the colour is very pigmented and vibrant and I will definitely love to wear it from time to time. The Ultra Satin Frick N Frack is definitely more wearable than the Ultra Matte. I haven’t made up my mind how I feel about the colour yet. This was a freebie as I spent over 30 dollars in my order. 3/5

Brow Pencil in Taupe: I felt like this was way too warm and brown for a taupe pencil. It looked a bit unnatural on my brows and the texture made it dragy and hard to apply. Doesn’t compare to my current Etude House Drawing Pencil 🙂 2/5

Overall, I would be willing to try more products from them (esp highlighters). They definitely feel very different to higher end makeup products but for the price, colours and sparkle, I would definitely be willing to try more!

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5 years ago

There is so much I want to buy from Colourpop that I feel like I’m going to need to need a container ship to get it all to Australia!

Brennan Juhan
5 years ago

Love this post! I have 3 of their super shock shadows and they are so pretty! The sequin shadow here and the highlight look gorgeous! Xoxoxo