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Colourpop is the brand that’s gotten me interested in makeup again. I’ve fallen out of love with makeup in the last year, just throwing on some bb cream, using a brow pencil and a lip tint and running out the door. It’s been liberating and I’ve only spent 5-10 minutes on skincare and makeup every morning.

As of late, I’ve remembered why I loved makeup when I was younger. I love the experimenting that goes on every morning at my vanity table. Different pigments, colours and mixing colours, textures and products to create interesting and new looks is a joy in itself. Colourpop is an affordable way to mix up the colours in your makeup, try new textures and formulas without spending hundreds of dollars which could easily happen at Sephora or Mecca.

My collection has grown quite a bit. My original post featured a review of some of the best sellers. This one is a overview of my entire collection right now, albeit a small one.


Eye Makeup

I love their eyeshadows for their buttery smooth pigmentation. I love the ease that they are so easy to apply with your fingers or with a brush. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that there seems to be more glitter fall out with ALL the Colourpop powders, not in the pan but on my face. During the day, I notice the glitter has transferred so theres small shimmer and glitter particles all over my face in places where I hadn’t applied shimmer.

From left to right the colours are: Birthday Cake, DGAF, Utopia, Sequin, Sugar, Valleygirl

All of them are quite consistent and I’ve found that these six were all very good in pigmentation and all applied better with fingers than with a brush. Brushes just don’t seem to pick up the beautiful pigment of the shadows.

Cheek and Highlighter

L to R: Helium, Scrumptious, Martian

The highlighters are definitely my favourite products from Colourpop. The latest addition is Helium and it has the most beautiful hot pink glitters that occasionally catches the light in the most subtle way. It is a gold based highlighter and is truly unique and a stunner. I used to think that have one highlighter, have them all and that they really all looked the same on. This one is very unique.

The Scrumptious highlighter I did a review in the original Colourpop post here and is very gorgeous as well. This one is pink toned and gives a more subtle shimmer.

The blush Martian was one of the limited edition tie dye products. It is a dark mauve in the pan that translates to a very natural flush once on the skin. It has that same mauve, dusty pink undertone that is very wearable and natural. I’m not a huge blush gal but it’s a pretty one!


L to R: Creeper (Matte), Frick N’ Frack (Satin), Brink (Lippie Stix)

I’m loving the Lippie Stix in Brink! The colour is beautiful and the formula is non-drying and easy to apply. I saw the Matte lip on a friend and loved how vibrant Creeper looked. But it is just so drying and difficult to apply well. Frick N’ Frack is a satin lip and is similar to many of the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried on the market (e.g. Too faced). It’s slightly drying but tolerable and much easier to apply while retaining the beautiful pigmentation.


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Rika B (@myrikaness)
5 years ago

I used to think why Colourpop was so popular. When I finally got my hands on some of their Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin, I understood why. They’re such great products and it’s awesome they stay affordable!

Taylor Jane
5 years ago

I really like Colourpop cosmetics too. I have their eyeshadows and I really love them, need to reach out for them more though. Their lip liqids aren’t my favourite, but I have all the darker shades/pinks/reds so I’d love to try the nudes and ligher shades!

5 years ago

OK, I think I need birthday cake! Colourpop is such an affordable brand with amazing products, I also really like it!

5 years ago

OK, I think I need birthday cake! Colourpop is such an affordable brand with amazing products, I also really like it!

5 years ago

The red liquid lip looks gorgeous! Great picks, everything looks really pretty x

Pink Frenzy

Samantha by the Sea
5 years ago

I love Colourpop eyeshadows! Great post!!

Lauren | Love Lola
5 years ago

great picks! I love the colourpop ultra satin lips!

5 years ago

I am so keen to try some Colourpop products but I’m always daunted with overseas shipping as I’ve had so many things go missing! I think I will pick up some of the Lippie Stix in the next sale.

5 years ago

I just recently made my first order to ColorPop, so this was really helpful! I’ve heard so much about the eyeshadows and they look beautiful swatched, so I’ll definitely have to give them a try soon!
x Kara |

5 years ago

The highlighters are my favourite Colourpop products too! They’re so beautiful and the texture makes them so fun to work with.

Billie |

Kristine Eva
5 years ago

I have Creeper and it doesn’t look good on me coz I think it’s too bright. I haven’t tried Frick Nā€™ Frack and it looks pretty in the swatch you have here, I want to try it for myself.

Taslyn Russell
5 years ago

I love all the liquid lipstick shades I am really thinking of getting some satins and creeper is on my wishlist its a beautiful shade.


5 years ago

I love the photos and the colors of the make up products. You should post affiliate links here, just in case you wanted to monetize your blog. Anyways, I love your blog!