Cuyana Mini Tassel Bag Review, Thoughts and Styling!

Cuyana with their famous fewer, better slogan has been on my radar for years and yet I’ve never tried anything until now, so here’s a quick blog post today to look at the Cuyana mini tassel bag!

I’ve got a pretty strange schedule on the day to day, where I’m fairly relaxed during the day and often working mornings and evenings whether that be with University or my part-time job. I’m constantly on the go and trying to stuff a million and one things into a mini bag whilst trying to not break my back due to it weighing a literal tonne.

So I said hello to a new Cuyana mini tassel bag (lots of different colours) which fits a lot, while being light weight, durable and very, very cute.

Quick overview

The little beauty is made of an Italian pebbled leather in Turkey with a cotton lined interior and a super roomy camera bag design. The shoulder strap is adjustable and will fit most girls given the 8 different adjustments.

Did I mention it’s a minimal’s dream when it comes to the design?

My Review

I’m going to get straight to the point and say I wholeheartedly recommend this little gem. The leather is buttery soft and the moment you lay hands on it, you know it’s something that will last you for years. It’s the kind of unboxing where you get a whiff of the distinct scent of a well made leather bag before you even see it. When you finally take it out of the dust bag, you’re met with the cutest camera bag, with a pocket on the outside for you know… the phone and a zippered slot on the inside for your go to lipstick and makeup.

The adjustable strap is really great for girls like me, who can check the short box as well as the fussy box where I like my crossbody bags high at my waist. Seems like a simple request but trust me, it’s hard to come by.

The tassel is a really charming detail to the bag and adds a simple decoration that keeps the design from looking too plain. It suddenly feels like a bag with design elements to it and not just one for functionality. It’s all in the details. 

I’ve been wearing it consistently for only two weeks so while I can’t confirm the longevity of it, it certain feels like it’s made to last. So if you’re left interested and wanting more details, watch my video here to get a better glimpse of the bag!

The only maybe con I can think of is that I do at moments wish it had two zips rather than just the one. It is easy for things to fall out when the bag is placed down. It’s not a huge issue when it’s on but just sometimes when I’m running out the door, things do come flying out the front of the bag because the zip opens almost all the way round. But most of this con is just my rush to leave the house most days and being too lazy to fully do up the zip. Ultimate first-world problems.


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Film photos shot with an Olympus Mju and Portra 400.