How to declutter and be more minimal – A look inside my wardrobe

With 2018 finally here, I did my fair share of cleaning, decluttering and detoxing to start the year right. I periodically declutter my space and I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. So let’s get straight into it with how to declutter your wardrobe in an efficient and easy way. Watch the video to see what’s in my wardrobe and watch my thought process as I get rid of things for good.

My Top 5 Tips
1. You won’t miss your 2nd love

This is my number 1 tip. If you have two dresses that are pretty much the same thing (i.e. for the same occasion), you will never reach for the one you like less. So now is the time to let it go. As with jeans and all things denim. If two pairs are pretty much identical, I can guarantee that you will never feel the urge to reach for your 2nd favourite. Let it go and you probably won’t even know it’s gone.

2. One in one out

Going off tip 1, when you are at the shops, be sure to ask yourself whether you will reach for the option in your hands more than what you have at home. Do you like it more than the alternatives already in your closet? If not, say goodbye. Bringing less into your home is the best way of decluttering… permanently.

3. Say Goodbye to those lonely, lost items

You might wonder why you never wore that top in a bright tomato red despite the fact that it’s gorgeous and too good to part with. The thing is, items in your wardrobe need to have pairs or match with others. If not, then it’s too difficult to style and not versatile enough to keep any longer. Give these hard to style items one last chance, and if it doesn’t work, part ways.

4. Be Ruthless

Like what Marie Kondo teaches us, we’ve already spent the money and made the mistake. Keeping it in your wardrobe doesn’t reverse that. So accept and then be ruthless and let it go to a better home.

5. Know your style

You don’t have to fit it into categories e.g. feminine, classic, bohemian… However, know what works for you colour, texture and shape wise. If you have anything outside of these categories that you’re holding onto, maybe it’s time to rethink it! I have items that I love the print of but doesn’t flatter my figure and always makes me feel a bit frumpy on. Learn to say goodbye to items that just aren’t working for your style.