Everlane Blazers Review

I’m back today with an Everlane blazer review, looking at the oversized blazer in black, plaid and linen  as well as the dreamy wool academy blazer. Boy oh boy have I neglected the blog lately but I’m back with my weekly posts, fingers crossed. I’m feeling very inspired again about blog content after a few months of focusing all my energy on YouTube. So today, combining my two loves of blazers and Everlane, I present you with my blazer review!

For reference sake, all these blazers are a 00 and I’m approximately 5’3 or 160cm.

Watch my review and try-on

Watch this video to see what all of these blazers look like on.

Everlane Wool Academy Blazer

Name: The Wool Academy Blazer

Material: 62% wool and 38% nylon

I was immediately intrigued by the promise of premium Italian wool and modern tailoring. I had my eyes on this Everlane Wool Academy blazer long before it released being the blazer junkie that I am. While I’m all about the oversized, boxy fits, this cropped number caught my eye as I thought it would be the perfect work blazer. Bye bye to my boring work outfits and hello to this trendy plaid blazer that feels very reminiscent of the 90s.

The biggest pro of this blazer for me is the fit. It’s perfection in a jacket. The shoulders fit me perfectly and the sleeves are the perfect length without tailoring. The length is exactly right and it lays nicely around the waist and hips as well. For any of my more petite friends, this blazer is likely to fit you very well. For taller girls, you might enjoy this if you like a cropped look but I imagine the arms might be on the short side.

The material is 62% wool and 38% nylon which I’m fairly happy with. It’s not as much wool as my black oversized Everlane blazer (see below) but it’s good enough for the price. At Zara prices (Aus at least), this blazer offers so much value. I will mention that this is a Autumn/Winter only blazer with it being quite a heavy weight. It’s as warm as a light coat and definitely something I will need to put away soon with it being Summer soon in Australia.

Styling wise, I prefer this with skirts and dresses given the cropped length. Jeans are fine, just not my cup of tea with this blazer.

Everlane Oversized Blazer | Black versus Plaid?

Name: The Oversized Blazer

Material: Black is 95% Italian wool and 5% elastane. Plaid is 63% Italian wool and 37% nylon.

Boy meets girl. I love combining menswear inspired pieces with ultra feminine touches and this Everlane Oversized blazer is perfect for just that. The boxy shape is very much inspired by the boys and yet so effortless and flattering on with a pair of Levi’s. I adore pairing these blazers with feminine bags and accessories for the perfect look.

Now, don’t be fooled. Whilst they are the same style, they are in fact two very different fabrications. The black blazer is 95% wool and a lighter material similar to traditional suiting. The plaid blazer is 62% wool and closer to a light coat. Style wise, they are more or less the same. But the fabric makes them sit slightly differently on with the black blazer offering more drape and the plaid blazer more structure and shape.

I love the fit of these as they’re not too tight around the arms, the length hits me around the upper thigh and they’re a good price point. If I say so myself, these blazers look far more expensive than they are.

*Update, while I love the black blazer and reach for it almost weekly as my go-to black blazer, I have been neglecting the plaid one. This is because the black one has higher wool content, is more luxurious to the feel and most importantly, sits and drapes better when worn. The plaid one is more like a coat with a thicker material that doesn’t feel as elegant when worn.

Everlane Cotton-Linen Blazer

Name: The Cotton-Linen Blazer

Material: 40% linen, 38% lyocell and 22% cotton

I welcomed this cotton-linen version of the oversized blazer into my wardrobe early in the year when it launched. I don’t have many summer jackets in my wardrobe and this white linen blazer has been an elegant addition that’s so fun to style. I did bring this to the tailor to have the arms shortened slightly (around 2cm) not because it fits differently to the above but because it’s a lighter fabric, this was easier to do. It’s a beautiful jacket, and being part linen, it is a far more relaxed option than all the other ones mentioned.

Given that I have a fairly flexible dress code for work, this is exactly the kind of jacket I would wear to work in the Summer. Polished, yet effortless, it seems to bring together the best of both worlds. It does crease, as all linen would, but it doesn’t look too bad even after a whole day’s wear. I like that there is a cotton component to it which makes the creasing much more manageable than if it were 100% linen.

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