Everlane Charmeuse Silk Review

Silk is probably the reason I started to shop from Everlane and I remember getting my first Everlane order and being in awe of just how lovely the washed silk felt. Recently, Everlane released their silk charmeuse range with a couple of styles and I couldn’t resist adding to my Everlane Clean Silk collection. I’m going to share my thoughts on the silk charmeuse oversized shirt and the silk charmeuse tie neck blouse.

Thoughts on the material

I love the beautiful sheen the fabric has and it’s very much similar to satin, except more durable, luxurious and expensive looking. Compared to their classic washed silk range, this has a much dressier look. I think it looks better than their washed silk range but potentially a tad less versatile given the shinier finish of the items. I have to say that the material is thicker than their washed silk range and is very opaque. If sheerness in silk blouses is something you have a hate relationship with, then this silk charmeuse fabric might just be the one for you. It’s entirely opaque and the material feels thicker in weight than their average silk washed silk blouse. FYI, this is the blouse from their classic line I’m comparing it to.


As always, I went for my normal Everlane size which is a 00 or XXS and sized down from my true size. Everlane runs large for me.

Thoughts on the Oversized Silk Blouse 

Fit wise, the oversized element really comes through. Slightly dropped shoulders, a boxy fit and fairly long to reach mid thigh. I like the fit. It’s definitely a little too oversized to be flattering on me when untucked but I always tuck my shirts into skirts and denim, so actually the length doesn’t bother me at all. I mean… it is oversized after all.

The reason I love and recommend it has to be the fact that the material is so damn luxurious. Opaque, beautiful yet not too delicate. I’ve worn this already many times and it looks really luxurious and expensive to add a bit of luxury into your outfits. Whilst it’s not cheap by any means, it is an affordable luxury to treat yourself to, to replace those poly shirts that just don’t match up to the quality of a lovely silk shirt.

Thoughts on the Tie Neck Blouse 

Hands down, my favourite item from the charmeuse line. There’s definitely an evening feel to this tank top. The ties at the back really elevate the top and bring an air of sophistication to an otherwise unassuming black tank. I wore it to a work event tucked into a pencil skirt and I loved the minimal and understated elegance of the outfit. For a more casual look like the images, I paired the tank with a pair of Levi Wedgie jeans to give the outfit a more day time casual kind of vibe. I definitely prefer this styled in a more dressy way with a feminine midi skirt or a classic pencil skirt.

Quality wise, this is very similar to the oversized silk blouse. It’s in that same charmeuse material that’s opaque and beautifully done in a heavier weighted silk. I know I will be reaching for this very often in the summer months at work and can’t wait to see how much wear this little top gets.

Caring for my silk pieces

The only downside to these beautiful pieces is the care process involved with silk. At the end of the day, I’m happy to go that extra step for pieces I love. I do tend to dry clean a lot of my pieces (as it’s a complimentary perk I get at work). Otherwise, I have hand washed silk in cold water and dried it flat without wringing. It’s turned out well for the most part. In the few times that the silk hardened and felt crunchy and lacklustre, I sent it back to the dry-cleaners who were able to bring them back to life to their original state. Still playing around with this process and will keep you updated.

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