Everlane Day Glove Review! #Alldamnday

One of the most broadcasted topics on my blog is my love of Everlane and its a topic you’ll find me happy to talk about for hours! Recently, in the event of their Day Glove launch, I was sent a pair for review. I picked up the Mocha shade in a size 7.5 and have been very happily spinning, strolling and dancing around town in these shoes. Please note that all opinions are very honest and you can see an up close and personal review in my latest video linked down below!

Firstly, if you haven’t already, you’ll find a tonne of Everlane reviews on my blog. I’ve tried the modern loafer, the day heel, the modern babo not to mention the recently acquired boss boot. So as actions speak louder than words, I am no stranger to this brand.


I love the Everlane Day Glove and have very genuinely found the shoe very comfortable, just as advertised. The soft buttery leather is what makes the shoe so comfortable, even on first wear. If you’ve tried the day heel before, the leather is quite similar, albeit the day glove is just a bit more squishy (for lack of a better word). The leather is a grained leather style and is very pliable. The shoe can quite easily fold (not that I recommend it) and the soft sole/leather is what makes it super comfortable.

I wore my shoe around the house for a few hours on the first day before wearing them out for two whole days. This review as you can tell is definitely a first impressions. At first, I thought maybe the heel of the shoe would rub. But on wearing them out, this wasn’t a issue at all. I don’t know if its because I wore them in on the first night at home or whether they very easily mould to your feet. But either way, comfort is no issue with these shoes.

It’s also worth noting that the sole is a rubber sole and there is a slight bit of cushioning on the insole (at least it feels like it). I really appreciate this as while I love Everlane shoes, so many of them have a very very hard sole.


One of the details about the shoe that I really like is the higher vamp. While it doesn’t rival my block heels which are a daily go-to, a higher vamp adds a flattering touch. I find it elongating which is more than I can ask for in a flat!

Other than that, it is a simple shoe without many bells or whistles. The grained leather is a nice touch, the back tab is a cute detail and otherwise its very clean and minimal looking. If you’re a minimal ballet flat lover, then this is your dream shoe!


I went with my normal Everlane size (which is a size up from my match on their size chart). I have fairly wide feet and these shoes were not a problem at all. I would say, stick to your normal Everlane size, or size 1/2 to 1 full size up from your normal shoe size (depending on width and preference).

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Currently, Everlane has international shipping (until April 30th), so make sure to take advantage! As always, if you’re a first time customer, I would love for you to use my code here, as it would greatly help me out to review more Everlane items! These shoes were sent to me for review as mentioned but I’ve been a very long time Everlane fan!

See you in next week’s post! If you haven’t checked out my YouTube account yet, I would love for you to give it a look 🙂 I do lots of content on Everlane as well as on capsule wardrobes. I just reached 1 K subscribers and am very excited!