Everlane Day Market Tote Review

I could sing praises all day to this Everlane Day Market tote which has officially made me get rid of all other tote bags and use it as my everyday uni and work tote. I picked mine up in a classic black and would love to do a review especially as they are due to release new colours in a few weeks! A tote bag is definitely a go to for me and one I could not live without. I carry my laptop everywhere with me and this fits my 13 inch mac book air perfectly with lots of room to spare.

Thoughts on the leather

I really like the soft calf skin leather on this tote bag. It’s not a structured tote at all and does flop when you place the bag down. I like the soft leather and it feels very luxurious to touch. The leather is quite thin but not at all delicate. I’ve been using it for over a month daily and have noticed no scratching, dents or damages. However, I have noticed that the bag does make little crease lines (similar to those on a leather shoe). It’s very subtle and not the least bothersome to me but worth noting. Overall, I really like the leather and I think it is very durable but soft.


On the inside, the bag has a very simple raw finish. There is no lining which I quite like the simplicity of. There is one pocket on the backside of the tote bag. However, it doesn’t do the best job as anything you put in there makes the bag look bulky from the outside and distorts the shape of the tote. Otherwise, there is no organisational compartments just like any other tote!


I love the minimal design. There are no bells or whistles and the bag is very simple but elegant. I prefer my tote bags without hardware, logos and complex design elements. I love the long drop of the strap so that it is very comfortable to wear even when you have a coat on. It’s a very large bag but it doesn’t look too bulky because of the soft leather and the lack of structure. The Everlane Day Market tote is a definite win for me in terms of the minimal but elegant design.


I can’t comment too much on this category just yet as it is a new bag but I will keep you updated if any issues arise. So far, I can’t see there being any issues as the bag has very durable straps and the stitching looks to be very sturdy.

Final Thoughts

The pros of the bag are that:

  • its minimal design
  • shape and large size
  • soft buttery leather (no scratches)
  • comfortable straps
  • multiple colours
  • good price @ 165 USD

The cons of the bag are that:

  • little creases throughout bag
  • interior pocket is not that useful

I hope you enjoyed reading the review and overall I think it is a great bag. If you’re a first time Everlane customer, please use my link herehttps://www.everlane.com/r/helenjin1, as it would help me out with further Everlane reviews! This post is not sponsored in any way shape or form (I’m just a very big Everlane fan).

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