Everlane Modern Loafer Review || + How to Style Them?!

I’m doing an Everlane Modern Loafer review as it seems to be one of their most popular items and one I’ve had in my collection for a while now- so it only seems fair for me to discuss them here on the blog. I’ve acquired quite a few pairs of Everlane shoes but my most worn remains the day heel as they are a softer leather and a more flattering heel height. But the modern loafer is another very versatile shoe with some key differences!

So read on to see the Everlane Modern Loafer review~

Let’s talk appearances!

The Everlane Modern Loafer has a very classic and ever so slightly masculine look to it. Everything about it screams classic, simple and timeless. It has an almond toe that is ever so slightly pointy which really helps to elongate the leg given that there is very little heel height. The heel is about 3/4 of an inch or 2cm. I have the Burgundy and the Black, but it also comes in Olive, Midnight, Camel and Sand.

In the photos above, I paired the Burgundy with my Staud bucket bag in a slightly dressier look as well as a very casual look. In both looks, I feel the Everlane modern loafer works quite well and has proved to be a very versatile little shoe.

Is the Modern Loafer comfortable?

This is kind of a tricky one. The Modern Loafer is by no means an uncomfortable shoe but it does have a few quirks. While on my wide foot, it doesn’t pinch at the front, back or sides, where the shoe creases in the middle can lead to blisters (strange to me). I think this comes down to the fact that the leather is very thick and stiff which is also the reason there are so many creases.

Another thing to note is that the shoe is definitely more of a winter shoe. I generally wear my loafers all year round but probably not this one. The leather is so thick that I feel like I’m suffocating in it during the summer. Sweat, humidity and these shoes just don’t work well. It’s definitely not the buttery leather of the day heel which is appropriate for all year round wear.

What about the size?

SIZING is so important. I’m a size 37 which makes my Everlane size 6.5. However, I went a FULL size up and they fit snug but perfect. Note: I have wide feet. Those with narrow feet should be able to take their true size and those with medium could do with half a size up. Everlane shoes are definitely made with those with narrow feet and I always size at least half – one size up.

So why do I have two pairs?

Don’t get me wrong, I do like and enjoy wearing the loafers. However, Everlane actually sent me a new pair due to a slight flaw in the original. My Burgundy came with a slight tear in the seam of the shoe (top of the shoe) after just one wear. While it could be replaced, Everlane graciously sent me a new pair in a colour of my choice. I sent the Burgundy to the cobbler and they fixed it for $15. Talk about customer service!

Final Thoughts

I like the loafer but I don’t love them. I can see myself reaching for them every so often but they’re not my go to shoes. They’re just a bit too masculine for my taste and don’t have the comfort factor of my every day shoe. They are great quality and seem like they will hold up for a long time. So verdict is that- if you’re a loafer girl who wears flat shoes most days and don’t do a huge amount of walking- then it’s definitely worth a shot.

They’re priced at $168 USD. Click here if you’re a first time Everlane customer– I would really appreciate the help if you used my referral code. <3

Here’s a closer look at the shoes