Everlane Party Slip Dress Review + Outfits

With the Summer approaching Sydney and fast, I was incredibly excited to get my hands on the Everlane Party Slip Dress and start wearing it on weekends and evenings for slightly more dressy occasions. Last weekend, I travelled to the Southern Highlands once again and with me, I brought the slip dress to style up in different ways, like I would if I was wearing it to different occasions. So hope you enjoy seeing the review of the Everlane Party Slip Dress and some little travel snippets of my life and adventures. 



review and initial thoughts

Initial thoughts first, it’s an synthetic triacetate material which looks beautiful as it’s quite weighty and drapes in the most lovely way. It’s meant to be fairly wrinkle resistant and while I’ve noticed it to be better than something like silk, after a few hours of sitting, it does crease up a bit here and there, as you would expect with anything. Size wise, take your normal Everlane size and you should be good. As always, I take one size down from normal size when purchasing anything from Everlane. 

The slip dress is definitely one of those pieces you can style all year round. Layer it over a tee in the transition period, and cosy up in a sweater layered over top in the early Winter. 



outfit one// garden party look 

If I were the kind of person to sip on Prosecco whilst overlooking gardens of roses over lunch, this is the exact outfit I imagine myself wearing. Stylish, minimal and clean, I loved pairing this dress with the simple and minimal black bag and strappy shoes. Very easy to wear and is the base of all other outfits. Layer a jacket, and the look is transformed to something entirely different. 



outfit two // minimal city girl 

Oversized blazers are definitely one of my favourite wardrobe staples and instantly gives any outfit that masculine touch. Paired with such a simple and feminine dress, the outfit definitely has cool girl vibes. My black blazer here is from Everlane, and is the only one I have and need. Such a lovely material and cut. Read the full Everlane oversized blazer review here.



outfit 3// the i’ve never actually been hiking look

Honestly, I’ve done my fair share of hikes having started in high school. But for easy and short hikes, I’m notorious for wearing the mot ridiculous things into the bush. Taking advantage of that slip skirt trend, I’ve tied a COS tee around my waist and paired it with some stan smiths. Wearing the mansur gavriel bucket bag for the ultimate minimal aesthetic. 



outfit 4// coastal look

I don’t know what’s necessarily coastal about this look. I was strolling around near a local beach with a tropical drink in hand and thought this look was light in tones and very fitting to the surroundings (for a change). When I wear this, I definitely feel like a simple girl, living a simple life by the water as it’s just such a change to my normal black outfits for work. 



outfit 5// Effortless Glam 

Something about this tuxedo shirt from Sezane is just a little too loose fitting and low cut which means I always have to wear a cami inside. So styling it over the top of a slip dress was a no brainer. Very luxe in silk, with a casual tie at the waist, this outfit is super easy but still quite glam in a slightly messy way. 



Outfit 6// the forgotten look

Something about this outfit just didn’t do it for me.  Not crazy about the colour choices with the pop of burgundy. So let’s call this the look that could have been. Paired with a black bag, I would have liked this look much more. Just a bit messy for my tastes. But hey, it’s all about trial and error till you find what you like. 


If you’re more of a visual person and want to see these looks on my channel, click through above. 

But otherwise, shop this post here. 


Talk soon

x Helen