Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant Review (A Lookbook)

everlane wide leg crop pant,pink, everlane review, ethical fashion blogger, minimalist blogger, minimal fashionFor the longest time, the Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant was out of stock but it finally came back and in a variety of new colours! I ummed and ahhed about trying this pant because I wasn’t crazy about the flared style of the pant especially because they’re cropped. It kind of reminded me of my primary school days when I had these flared denim with the words Bratz written all over. However, they’ve been a true love in my closet since I laid hands on them.

Fabric and Transparency

I love the light pastel pink but I will say that it is a little transparent if you’re wearing black or dark undergarments. If you’re wearing nude or white then there shouldn’t be any problems. The material has a good stretch to it and is a beautiful soft material. It is thick and durable but still luxurious and soft. Can you tell I’m a huge material and fabric snob? I like that it has quite a bit of stretch to it because I find stiff materials incredibly uncomfortable especially because I have a fairly chill lifestyle. I don’t have a lot of events to get dressed up for so these are perfect for everyday wear.

It’s a very pastel pink so if you’re a neutrals girl these will work really well with your wardrobe. (I’m not, I love injecting colour.) They will work really well with a white tee shirt or a stripy one like the one I went for.

Sizing and Fit

As with all Everlane items I had to size down as they do vanity sizing. They are true to my Everlane size which in general is very oversized. I’m a AU6, a US 0-2 and I have to get Everlane tops in a 0 and pants in 00. These ARE NOT made for petite girls and I had to get a good 10cm (4 inches) hemmed to get them to a cropped length and I’m about 160 cm or 5’3. They really are not very flattering if you wear it full length and looks a bit daggy in my opinion (on myself at least). The shape of the pant is a bit flared on the bottom which I actually think is very flattering (but only when cropped). The high waisted style is also perfect for me as I find it is very elongating.

I have really gotten into tailoring items this year. For approx 10 dollars your pants can be the perfect length, your sleeves flattering and often time tailors can work magic on items that just don’t flatter your shape. I’m typically not keen on returning anything on Everlane as shipping it back is quite expensive from Australia.

Styling them

I pretty much always tuck my shirts in when I’m wearing high waisted pants or else it kind of defeats the purpose. I’ll be wearing these with a variety of tee shirts- like the white and blue stripe one I got from COS or the green polka dot one from Ryder the label. For the summer, I like to keep my outfits light and bright and I personally think these are very casual chic when paired with just a simple tee. In the winter, I tend to go for heavier oversized knits which I think are less flattering when worn with cropped and wide leg pants.

If you’re a first time Everlane customer, I would really appreciate it if you used my referral code and clicked here to shop 🙂 Have you shopped at Everlane before? What do you love from them? Check out my other Everlane reviews here.

everlane wide leg crop pant, everlane review, ethical fashion blogger, minimalist blogger, minimal fashion

everlane wide leg crop pant, everlane review, ethical fashion blogger, minimalist blogger, minimal fashion

everlane wide leg crop pant, everlane review, ethical fashion blogger, minimalist blogger, minimal fashion

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5 years ago

These look great on you! I have such a hard time with pants like this; being tall, I feel like I’ve fought against too-short pants my whole life, so it’s hard to imagine wearing shorter pants on purpose! But I may have to give this trend a shot…