Five must haves items in a colourful capsule

Colourful capsule wardrobes are a lot of fun and I’m determined to keep a fairly small and curated collection of clothes while injecting colour. I have a few must have pieces that really add a punch to my wardrobe and keep things looking fresh and true to my style. It’s really made doing 30 item challenges and project 333 easier! Click here to read about my ‘minimal’ wardrobe challenge. I’m not crazy about monochrome looks (on me that is) and I really do love injecting colour to every outfit I wear. I’ve recently decluttered so much that these are also the pieces I’m thinking about adding to my wardrobe in the next few months.

The thing about colourful capsule wardrobes is balance. Some of these guides have suggested adding colour in one area e.g. your tops, or your bottoms, or in dresses and keeping it neutral elsewhere so there’s no clashing. I personally like to experiment with colour pieces everywhere and neutral basics to tone down the look a little. As you’ll see in this post, I have a loose colour palette, leaning towards pastels more than anything else!

Shopping with Lyst!

All the options are sold on Lyst which is a great online store featuring basically every brand under the sun! Some of my favourite brands they stock include Mansur Gavriel in every shade, a great range of items from Acne Studios and just about everything else. There’s also a high end and lower priced pick for each category!

1. A great wool knit in your accent colour

Not the scratchy kind that annoys you all day. I’m talking about a soft, well made, wool knit that is the perfect transitional piece. It needs to be versatile as a layering piece and also be around during the warmer Summer nights. I recently saw the Acne Studios Samara knit in dusty pink (a pink/lavender melange) and it was beautiful! I can not resist the beautiful colour and I know that Acne Studios is pretty wonderful in quality as well. Basically the perfect addition to a colourful capsule wardrobe in my books!

2. A playful white dress

Can anyone say no to a white dress in the summer?

Not me at least! I swear my wardrobe is so white and pastel in the summer that you really don’t see anything else (other than maybe a black tote or black shoes). White dresses really look so effortless but chic and are such a great staple to dress up for an evening date or to keep it casual at work or uni. I love pairing white with colourful bags and accessories to make the outfit look just a little different every time!

3. A versatile midi skirt

If anyone has seen my insta then it’s no secret that I love a good midi skirt. I love styling them in both summer and winter and are perfect for transitional periods. When I’m looking for new pieces to add to my closet, I love things that can go beyond just one season! And midi skirts do just that! Here are a few good ones.

4. A pair of Mules (Neutral or accent colour)

I live in mules during the spring and summer season as they are just so easy. So easy to slip on before you head out to exercise class or while driving to the local shops or even just on a nice day out. They usually come with a small block heel which makes them flattering and oh so comfortable as well. In the past, I’ve rotated through mules on what seems like a monthly basis given that I wear them all day, every day. However, this spring, I would really love to invest in a good pair that will last!

5. A great tote

I love a small bag like everyone else in the world right now. But, I think I’m done with buying mini bags for a while as I just don’t get enough use out of them. My tote bag gets used everyday and is so well loved where as my small bags only get pulled out on the weekend or for a special evening or occasion out (and let’s face it, there aren’t that many in my life). I have the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag but have been eyeing up one of their totes. It’s a big maybe given the price but something I’ve been toying with for a while. That being said, there are a lot of other great alternatives out! The Baggu tote (second in pictures) is a great alternative and is ethically made in the USA. I love a neutral bag in a colourful capsule but one that is brown, or beige or a light pink that is still adding interest and colour!

Looking for amazing finds on Lyst has been so fun that I’m really trying to resist some of these purchases. I am looking however, for a nice light knit in the Spring (aka Acne Studios samara in the dusty pink shade) and investing in a pair of nice mules. God knows that I do not need another white dress so staying away from those for a while!

Comment below whether you’re eyeing up any of these items and keep me posted on what’s on your wishlist! I’ve really been enjoying colourful capsule wardrobe challenges and can’t wait to share with you all more.

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