Four Favourite Etsy Sellers (Possible Ideas for Mother’s Day).

I’m a Etsy obsessive and could spend hours browsing all the art prints, gemstone rings, blog templates and the work of creatives in all different kinds of crafts. I’ve been through an obsessive jewellery phase, a sticker phase and of course, a blogging resource phase. In this post, I’m going to share a few Etsy sellers that are definitely worth checking out.



Delezhen Jewellery

For years, I was obsessed with her Gemstone rings. They look like a raw stone you find and then place straight onto a ring… in the best possible way. Incredibly simple, while being delicate and naturally beautiful. I am into the whole ‘Etsy’ style of handmade jewellery and the unique little ‘flaws’ with each piece. The stones are not perfect, the metal is hammered and it all works together to make it a charmingly unique piece. I also highly recommend these as gifts! How thoughtful would it be to get it in someone’s birthstone for an upcoming event? I adore these and think they are an incredibly fun way to jazz up an outfit.

On the site, there are all kinds of stones, in three different shapes: round, tear drop and square. The stones range from ruby coloured to moonstones at approximately 70 AUD.


I found her shop a few years ago and was mesmerised by all the beautiful flowers that she used in her jewellery. The flower petals are captured inside her jewellery and are such a beauty. I have the earrings in the photo above and I am so in love with the design. I highly recommend her stuff for affordable gifts or just as a treat yourself moment (without breaking the bank). She uses the base metal of Brass/ sometimes Sterling Silver and I find that so far, everything has been really good quality and lasted really well.

Peppa Penny Prints:

Guilty of making a purchase right before writing this post. I have been putting her beautiful foil art works in my basket for the longest time. My room has always been a bit of a mess, which deterred me from getting additional prints and little decor items. However, they were so beautiful I couldn’t resist. How cute is the little eyelash print. I was inspired by Kate La Vie and her stunning decor tips.

Trendy Themes: 

I was falling out of love with blogging for a while because I’m totally lost at WordPress and wasn’t happy with my template. I decided to try Etsy and use Trendy themes and I’ve loved it since. The template was really easy to use, really pretty and I found the owner to be incredibly responsive if I had issues. I would definitely recommend Etsy for blogging tools as it’s just so useful and creative. There’s everything on Etsy from themes to header designs, calligraphy, art prints for blog photos… the list goes on.

So that’s that! Hope you check these stores out and let me know what you love browsing Etsy for.

x Helen