Girlfriend Collective Review & Sizing 2021

I’ve been exclusively wearing Girlfriend Collective for activewear this last year, one of the most talked about sustainable exercise wear brands around.

After wearing them for a while now, I thought I would review their clothing in terms of sizing, fit and overall quality.

First up, Girlfriend is a sustainable eco brand most known for their leggings made from recycled plastic bottles (25 post consumer waste bottles to be precise).

They are also an ethical brand that ensures workers are paid a fair wage and receive benefits such as a free lunch during the working day, free health check ups every 6 months.

As I was browsing their site looking at their brand philosophy + products, I like that all this information is readily available in a transparent way. So kudos to them – you can read more about their sustainability/ethics here Girlfriend Collective!

I own and will review these clothing items:

Compressive High Rise Legging

Size: XS, 23 3/4 inseam

This is definitely Girlfriend Collective’s most popular item and I can see why.

These compressive tights with a thick waistband really sucks me in at the tummy and looks very flattering on. A small detail I love about these tights are the seams along the side that work wonders when it comes to elongating the leg (simple but effective).

I chose my pair out with the 23 3/4 inseam which is the perfect 7/8 length on me (I’m 160 cm or 5’3). I went true to size with the XS which also happens to be the best size for me when it comes to Girlfriend’s tights/bottoms.

When it comes to exercise wear, I personally prefer synthetic materials for their sweat-wicking ability as opposed to natural fibres which tend to have poorer sweat wicking ability. If you have seen my YouTube videos, you’ll know I tend to be obsessed with natural fibres, but exercise wear is one area where I’ll make an exception.

As a petite girl reviewing this line, I very much appreciate that they offer three different lengths. I went for the one in the middle (23 3/4″) which is the perfect length for me.

I would recommend using their sizing chart as it shows how long the tights would look on different height. When it comes to finding the right length, I find the 7/8 length tight by far the most flattering and elongating to wear.

Black Hummingbird Half Zip Windbreaker

Size: XXS

I’ve had this windbreaker for a while now and don’t find myself reaching for it as often as I had hoped.

Starting with the things I like about it, it is lightweight and designed for movement given the VERY wide shape (no restricted movements with this windbreaker).

I like that it is also cropped nicely for petite girls, but on the other hand, it’s almost a little too cropped to be functional.

The material is quite light and I would have liked something a bit more substantial to keep me warm during outdoor activity on cooler evenings. Given how thin the material is, this honestly doesn’t keep me that warm.

Overall, while this is nice to have, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as it doesn’t have a function in my exercise wear wardrobe given that it is not particularly warm. The water resistant quality of the fabric doesn’t make too much sense given just how short this windbreaker is. So this would be a skip from me.

High Rise Run Shorts

Size: S

While a compression tight is great to help alleviate muscle soreness, sometimes I just want a more breathable and easy option.

That’s where these high rise run shorts come in. I sized up in these to the small, and they fit a bit more comfortable and looser. I would say my best size is still the XS though as these are noticeably a bit large with creases in certain places.

I wear these for simple at home workouts / or to my exercise classes without a problem. They don’t ride up, no chafing and these are just more comfortable for a quick and easy workout.

Unless I’m doing a major workout, this is my go-to short option to wear.

R&R Long Sleeve Tee

Size: XS

With the shorts, I always wear the R&R long sleeve tee. This is a great piece for exercise, but also works for loungewear.

I adore the style and shape of this tee. It has a dropped shoulder, boxy cut and is comfortably oversized.

The material, made from 91% recycled polyester or 20 water bottles, is ULTRA soft. This is quite unexpected to me and because of how soft it is, I find myself often lounging in it while working.

It’s also a medium weight, substantially heavier than your average t-shirt but definitely not quite sweatshirt weight either.

I love how versatile this is. You can easily layer it over a sports bra, or sports top, wear it alone, or as loungewear.

Final thoughts

I love the Girlfriend Collective brand for their ethics and sustainability initiatives and for promoting diversity in their models. Price point wise, they are slightly more premium than your fast fashion alternatives, but not designer or luxury prices either.

My top recommendations that I wear the most is definitely the R&R long sleeve tee. Following this, it would be the high rise run short/compressive tights depending on your exercise needs and preference.

I would give the windbreaker a skip as I think there are better alternatives out there.

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