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I love Grana and now that I’m looking to pick up a few extra pieces, I thought I would do a quick review of their famous Cashmere Crew in Heather Pink. I am entirely obsessed with this brand after seeing it on both Mademois-elle and Temporary House Wifey who have the most amazing wardrobes and blogs. I wanted to start investing in nicer items of clothing so that I wouldn’t have to waste time looking for replacements all the time. I’ve also developed a love of looking at materials and craftsmanship to find those true gems.


Before this year, I was not very acquainted with cashmere but they’ve become a fast staple. Grana cashmere has been incredibly durable and I’ve been wearing it multiple times a week for the last four months. They’ve come travelling with me, they’ve been slightly neglected around the house and worn out as a layering piece way too many times. It has not pilled at all (like all my other sweaters might I say) and looks just as the day I got it. It comes with a very handly cashmere comb which I haven’t even needed to use with this sweater but has come in very handy with some other knitwear items I have (such a sweet detail that’s worth mentioning).


It’s not as fluffy soft as some other cashmere crews but not in a bad way at all. I think it’s part of the reason its stayed looking new for so long is because its not as fluffy and delicate as my Uniqlo one. That being said, it’s not itchy in any way, shape or form on me. It does require a bit of upkeep and I’ve been sending it to the dry cleaners whenever needed. I do feel like this can be gently hand washed but have yet to try.


Potentially my favourite thing about this cashmere crew is that it is just so versatile. During the Autumn months when the weather begins to cool, I wear it alone with a midi skirt/jeans. During the winter months it is the most wonderful layering piece and keeps me so cosy. It looks so good tucked into skirts and jeans and is the perfect way to add some colour into a more neural colour palette! It’s also cute layered under a cami dress which I’ve done a few times.


I’m 160cm (petite) and normally wear a size AU 6 or US 2 and found that an XS was perfect. The sleeves were a good length and I like that it was cuffed . On the body, it’s also a nice length, hitting just at the hip. I found that the fit of this Grana cashmere crew was better than many of the Uniqlo ones I’ve tried on (where the cuff on the body was unflattering and the sleeves were too long which made the cuff awkward).


One of the main reasons I picked this up was that I loved the colour. It’s a little different than what I expected as it’s more of a peach warm pink. That being said, I love it nonetheless. I would be willing to pick it up in other colours (maybe a treat for next winter). I’m not much of a neutrals girl so maybe I’ll take a look at some of the other colours they have!

If you’re a first time customer, click here to use my referral code to get 10% off! Would love to know what you think of Grana and what you’ve looked at and loved! I’m trying very hard to be more minimal with my wardrobe and slowly selling some dresses (aka from my ASOS hauls) that I’ve only worn a few times. With the funds I’m making from selling these clothes, I’m looking to pick up just a few new additions from Grana very soon!

Go to 11:45 to see the cashmere crew on! 🙂


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5 years ago

Super cute! I love how versatile the top is!