Grana Collection and Review (Video+ Try on)

Hi everyone!

I’ve always personally preferred to look at review items on Youtube because you really get a feel for an item’s fit and quality. While speaking in front of a camera is not something that is second nature to me, I’ve tried to do a review of all my Grana items. I love the brand and speaking honestly, they fit me a lot better than Everlane. Everlane is suited to taller girls who like very effortless, oversized fits. I’m quite petite at 5’3/160cm so I’ve found Grana to be a teeny bit of a better fit even though Everlane has more variety when it comes to styles.

If you’re interested, please click the video below 🙂

Don’t forget for first time customers use my referral code to get 10% off. I’m not sponsored by them and all my opinions are my own. However, referral credit does help me out a lot when it comes to attaining more items for review 🙂 I really appreciate everyone who has purchased through my code!

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