Grana’s Silk Bomber || Review and Styling

My blog is definitely not falling short of any Grana and Everlane reviews and this one is of my beloved Grana silk bomber! I have a serious shortage of jackets in my wardrobe and by that I mean other than this silk bomber, I have a denim jacket and that’s it. I’ve always been a coat and cardigan kind of girl but this silk bomber is proving a very versatile addition to my closet. I just cannot get enough of how luxurious silk feels and I feel kind of spoiled to be saying this, but a good majority of my recent additions have been silk (Everlane slim silk shirt, Grana silk culottesEverlane silk cami reviews here).

I’m currently doing my SPRING 10×10 challenge created by Stylebee and this bomber has been one of my ten pieces. So it’s safe to say, that it’s gotten its fair share of love.

Pros of Grana’s Silk Bomber

I love that the Grana’s Silk Bomber is the perfect transitional season jacket. For those days that are warm but you’ll be needing a something something for trains, offices or aircon rooms. It looks very chic with slip dresses (something that I LOVE) and the silk puts a glamorous spin on the typical bomber which is very casual. Not to mention it gives that effortless athleisure look!

Sizing and Fit

I got the XS and it’s a nice relaxed fit. I normally fall somewhere between an XXS and XS when it comes to Grana. The sleeves are just a tad bit long but nothing that bothers me enough to get tailored. I like that it’s very lightweight and comfortable when on as there is nothing constricting about the fit. Go for your normal Grana size and you should be good. Grana sizing unlike Everlane is pretty true to size on me. I’m normally an AU6, a US 2 and the XS fits well.

Fabric and Quality

As I’ve mentioned before, the Grana silk is satin like rather than that sueded feeling. So far, I’ve found that a lot of Grana silk is made of this material (other than their silk shirts). I personally think that the sueded kind of Silk feels more luxurious and expensive but the satin is lovely and shiny.

I took a look on the website and the outside is made of pure Silk Georgette. The inside is made of Silk Satin.

Silk Georgette’s benefits include:

  • doesn’t hold creases
  • Drapes nicely

Having had it for a few weeks and wearing it consistently with my Spring 10×10 wardrobe challenge, it’s really held up well without any problems. In my mind, I always imagine silk to be very high maintenance but I haven’t found this to be the case so far.

Cons of Grana’s Silk Bomber

The cons are that the jacket does not have pockets you can put your hand in. This is minor but I really like the option of doing this sometimes. Other issues are that the zipper is a bit hard to use at first but it gets smoother with time. When the item first arrives (like many Grana items), there are quite a few loose strands which can easily be removed, but just gives the item a slightly unfinished feeling.


Overall, I really love Grana and their silk pieces. The Grana silk bomber is one of my favourite styles from them. I have acquired so many Grana items that I’m still in the midst of wearing and testing them but will eventually get around to doing more Grana reviews.

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