How I stay organised and motivated about Blogging (and some Erin Condren love)

I’ve read so many posts about how important it is to be a regular blogger and to spend time engaging and connecting with similar bloggers on social media. But I find that after taking a few photos, writing a blog post and then trying to promote the content, half the day is gone. I’m trying very hard to be organised and be ahead of my blog posts. Lately, I’ve been caught up with Uni and exams but feeling incredibly motivated to actually put my plan of being organised into action (esp with all the travel I’ll be doing in the next few months).

One of the reasons for my motivation is the Erin Condren planner. It’s not the first time I’ve used one, but the first time I’ve used one for blogging.

For me, being able to put ideas and plans down on paper motivates me. I love looking at the content that I’m going to write about and the photos that I’m going to take. Planning is actually half the excitement of writing a blog post. I get to imagine how photos will turn out and how ideas will come out in real life.

I’ve been getting into creating a spread, using stickers (because I’m still not over them from when I was six years old) and using them for organisation. Possibly just a way to convince myself that stickers can be practical in all honesty.

What I actually do:

  1. Monthly Spread
  2. Weekly Spread
  3. Blog Goals and Post Ideas
  4. Stickers

How it works for me: Monthly Spread
  • On the monthly spread, I organise when blog posts will go live
  • I set one day every fortnight for photos and editing
  • I set one day every week to write the two blog posts that are due to go up

Weekly Spread:
  • On the weekly scale, I have one row that is dedicated to blogging tasks for every day
  • Sometimes tasks are small such as scroll through bloglovin and connect with similar bloggers and read content I enjoy
  • Others, it’s shooting photos and organising them for future blog posts
  • The sidebar is where I write goals I want to accomplish and ideas that I want to eventually blog about

While I understand this is definitely not for everyone, the sticker/erin condren route really works for me. I love colour and the decorative elements. It might take 10 minutes longer than an average planner but it’s a couple of minutes that I’m willing to spare if it keeps me happy and motivated to work on my blog.


These stickers were just way too cute to pass up. Doodlesdo was the place I got most of my blogging stickers- I have social media icons, blog headers, Instagram logos… everything I would need under the sun. The other shop was Sugarloop who had these cute blog banners that were perfect for marketing down the tasks I would do everyday for my blog. I tend to use just one every weekly spread.




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Amy @ Bottled Beauty
5 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve been struggling with being consistent and this was the push i needed 😉

5 years ago

Staying organized helps so much when it comes to blogging! I only really plan out my Instagram posts and blog posts, but I like the idea of scheduling time to reply to comments and connect with other bloggers. I’m always late to respond so hopefully planning time for that can help 🙂 Thanks for all the tips! Also I love the stickers– so cute

Mili | Sharmtoaster

5 years ago

Oh I’m a sucker for cute stationary. And that planner looks so neat.

love, kerstin

5 years ago

I always love reading about how other bloggers stay organized when blogging, and its seems like you’ve almost mastered it! I love how you set one day a week for writing posts and another for photos. I too find that sometimes blogging takes up most of my days, so I’ll definitely being setting certain days for it from now on. Also I love the stickers. They do make planning more fun!