How to update your existing wardrobe + getting out of a style rut

Being in a style rut is no fun. I hate these periods because it’s when I have tended to splurge recklessly on things I don’t need in hopes that it will spruce up my existing wardrobe. However, I think I’ve gotten a lot better at dealing with a style rut and thought I would do a step by step guide as to how to update your wardrobe in a considered and sensible way.

Firstly, watch through my video here to see a visual guide of my process. It’s pretty much a ‘update my wardrobe with me’ kind of situation.

Step by Step Guide

Figuring out what you really need

1.  I like to first spend a few days/weeks browsing through Pinterest (my boards are here) and separating my inspiration into two categories.

  • Style Inspiration/Goals
  • Things already in my Wardrobe

I think the second category here is super important. Seeing these outfits allow you to see your own clothing items in a new light. By looking at how other people have styled outfits with the items you own, you can take inspiration from that and use your existing wardrobe to create new looks without having to spend any money.

But if your wardrobe itself is looking a little sparse, potentially picking up a few new items might be needed. I like to look for existing trends on my ‘Style Inspiration’ board on Pinterest. In my case, I decided that I liked white and light colours for the warmer months. And that my wardrobe was seriously lacking in colour (which is a strange one for me as a colour lover). There were pops of red on my Pinterest boards and also an occasional mustard yellow that I had been eyeing up.

Creating the shopping list

Now it’s time to put our style inspiration board into a concrete shopping list. Well… concrete here is potentially misleading as you can of course change this later on. But we need a list of specific items to look for.

For me, it looked a little something like this:

  1. A Mustard Yellow Top/Blouse
  2. A Midi Skirt not in white (a bit of colour won’t hurt)
  3. A pop of red: preferably in a dress or skirt
  4. Look out for some white Denim

At this point, it was hard for me to be any more specific. I was really waiting to start shopping to be inspired by what I was seeing while sticking to a rough list.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

While overhauling my wardrobe, I really wanted to make sure these items would work with each other as well as my existing wardrobe. I didn’t want a whole new wardrobe, just a few touches to spice things up.

I prefer not to shop in person as I tend to make rash purchases more often. With online shopping, I only tend to go for shops that offer a good return policy. This means that even if I do make a bad decision, it gives me a few days till the item comes, a few more days to think about it and to make sure it works with my existing wardrobe.

What I ended up picking:

  1. Lover the label midi skirt
  2. Uniqlo U T-shirt
  3. Uniqlo U Camisole red dress
  4. Whistles Parisien T-shirt
  5.  Polene Bag un (Haven’t purchased this yet but it’s on my wish list)

Some Outfits I’ve created

If you’re interested in seeing my lookbook that’s coming up in a few days, check my YouTube Channel here. Otherwise, hope you enjoyed the post! I did another post similar to this one in the past which you can find here.