How to incorporate statement items into your wardrobe


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While trends come and go really fast, it’s fun to try and incorporate a few statement pieces into a classic wardrobe. I’m always trying to have a balanced wardrobe, one where I have classic jeans, a trench coat, striped tops, white blouses and things that can be worn over and over again on an everyday basis. But I also get bored easily and that’s where these statement pieces come in.

Statement Items:

When I say statement, I mean trends you actually love or things that are outside of your everyday comfort zone. The top I chose is orange and incorporates the ruffle trend (and off shoulder). You might go for:

  • Brighter Colours
  • Colours outside of your palette
  • A small pop of colour handbag
  • A small neck scarf
  • Bright shoes
  • A statement necklace or earrings (my pick)
  • Dresses (for those who don’t normally step outside of jeans and a tee)

For everyday, it’s much easier to balance out a trend item with classics you already love and feel comfortable in. I love my midi skirts, my light wash jeans and that’s exactly how I paired this ruffle top. It’s so summery that I felt like it needed a straw bag (another trend) but a neutral one that complimented and balanced the outfit. In general, I would wear one statement item with my existing wardrobe that I know I love and feel comfortable in.

Styling them again and again:

Trying to post on Instagram is not the best for my closet. It’s definitely a challenge to wear loud pieces over and over again in interesting ways. I will always mix up the accessories as much as possible to make the same item look different in an outfit. In this case, I styled one down with light denim and Chelsea boots. The other I styled to be more vacation-like with a ruffle skirt, mules and a straw bag.

I would wear this again under coats, so you only see a small pop of colour, underneath overalls/playsuits to change the vibe and with totally different accessories (scarves, bags, jewellery).

How do you style statement items?

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5 years ago

Will try this out in the summer, love the bright colours!!! Thanks and beautiful photos

Gigi Kiersten
5 years ago

I totally agree about statement items. I really agree that it’s all about balancing it out with the rest of your wardrobe. When I want something really stand out especially a bold color, I balance them without dull color. I really try not to over do it.

5 years ago

Love that top! It is such a great pop of color!

Lanae Bond
5 years ago

I love your tips about styling statement pieces! I love your ruffle blouse look with the pola dot skirt!