Key Pieces to Own for a Winter Capsule Wardrobe

While summer dressing allows for a new top or new dress which can change up an entire look, items in my Winter wardrobe tend to be on heavy rotation. It’s not just that Winter coats and knits can really be costly, but its really down to the fact that I am so cold in frosty Winter mornings that I want to get the first thing I see on and go downstairs for my morning cup of tea.

If you would like to see some of my key pieces in my winter capsule wardrobe, click on the video down below to see a short 3 minute lookbook!

Key Pieces in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe
COS Coat

If you can’t tell already, anything with a lot of structure is right up my alley. I find that this style of coat appears at COS almost every Winter so while this was from last season, you should be able to spot it in stores soon! I find that a structured coat is a really good way to elevate your outfit and for something to appear more high quality and luxurious than it really is. This coat is also 100% Cotton which is something that I really appreciate. Being that I live in Australia, coat season is usually only for 3-4 months. A cotton coat stays around for a bit longer and I can really get the cost per wear down! Don’t be fooled though- the cotton is sturdy and that’s why its structured.

Uniqlo Sweater

Good sweaters are a real staple in any Winter wardrobe. There’s nothing worse in my books when a poor quality acrylic sweater starts to ball up in the most hideous way after a few wear and washes. Sweaters are really one area in my wardrobe where I always make a note to find good quality cotton or wool options. Pilling is fine in my books as it is normal wear and tear of sweaters. However, a good quality sweater looks much better for longer when compared to one that’s of low quality.

Everlane Trench

Truth be told, this is one I reach for more when I’m travelling or when the weather is rainy. However, I still consider it a transitional season staple as it can be worn in so many different ways as a layering piece.

Everlane Mockneck Cashmere Sweater

A good cashmere sweater (see my review here)  is a definite staple if you can splurge a little and pick up a nice layering piece. When I say splurge, they usually range upwards of 100 dollars with Everlane options at 100 USD which is my favourite pick. Otherwise, I rate Grana’s cashmere quite highly as well as Uniqlo. I’m so happy with these options that I’ve never ventured outwards to more high-end options.

Bright Crossbody

Remember when I said I was too lazy to be fancy in the cold? Well a good accessory is my way of compensating. I love a nice structured crossbody bag on the weekends. I’m always dragging my Everlane Market Tote with me from Mon-Fri so a nice crossbody is my favourite alternative for a carefree weekend. It doesn’t matter whether you want designer or not, the effect is all the same. For a good quality and mid price point pick, I love Cuyana and Polene. Otherwise, the options for high end are endless. Note, the yellow one is an old one from Uterque.

Checkered Longline Coat

I picked this coat up in Japan and its definitely a trendy piece which still leans on the safe side. I like the longline fit even though I have a smaller frame. I will be linking dupes to this down below. This is 50% wool and I really like the heavier weight for those chillier days. There’s also something very elegant about the oversized style which I think make it a little more androgynous and stylish.

Black Cigarette Trousers or Denim

Other than a good pair of cropped straight leg blue jeans, the black skinny is my go to winter pant! While I prefer a wool trouser to a pair of black skinny jeans, they are both super handy for Winter dressing! I like the wool trouser as it is just that bit more comfortable and versatile as it leans a bit more dressy. But the black denim offers a slightly more fitted silhouette which I preferred on this day.

Shop my outfit + dupes here

Some of these items are dupes for example the checkered coat, the Uniqlo sweater and the bags. I’ve provided various price points for the coat so you can find one suitable to your budget! Mine was approximately 120 USD which is how much I was happy to spend. The Everlane items are exact links as well as the earrings and denim!

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4 years ago

I love how you wear your cross body bags! 🙂 I’m excited to get my trench coats out, it’s nearly trench coat weather here in Brisbane 🙂

Hope you are having a great start to your week so far 🙂

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