Little Beauty Gems for Quick, Easy Makeup

Since University started and having been sick for almost a month, my beauty routine has been simple and almost non-existent. Lately I’ve just been doing a light base, drawing on some straight brows, some mascara and lipstick and calling it a day. I’ve mastered this to be around 4-5 minutes after skincare. I’ve really grown to love some pampering products like a spray of the Diptyque Olene and some Aesop hand cream before I run out the door.

This Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint is amazing. It’s probably on my top 3 bases I’ve ever tried (that’s a statement since I used to try every full coverage foundation out there). I would call it a semi-matte, not flat, dull or powdery, but it’s a nice non-shiny finish. Incredibly natural looking I think. The coverage is medium- more than tinted moisturisers by far and not as heavy as foundation.

I tend to do things based on their level of importance in my routine. I can forgo everything else, but brows are a must for me. I got into the K-beauty trend of straight brows and haven’t looked back since. I cringe at the arched brows I used to do- nothing against them but they are just not for me. I’m using the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow and the matching tinted gel. I’ve been looking for a new one- and thinking about the benefit gimme brow <3.

Mascara is next. It’s the first beauty product I truly loved when I got into makeup a few years back. Since then, it’s become more of a bonus- for those mornings that I have a little extra time. Maybelline mascaras in general just work for me and this is no exception.

Best lip product ever. Period. I seriously love this YSL Glossy Stain in No.12. I don’t even feel bad for how much I spent on this because it is so good. The colour is actually perfection- a coral pink that is so so flattering.

These two are my finishing touches. Can we just take a moment for how beautiful these two are packaged? The Olene smells like jasmine tea. Simple and beautiful. The Aesop, a classic, has a mandarin, herbal scent that is heavenly.

So that’s that. Hope you all liked the post! Check out my Instagram @Seaandstyle_ for more updates.


x Helen

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5 years ago

I love the YSL lip laquers! so pretty!! xoxo Sarah