Matter Prints Review and Styling (Button Back Top)

I came across Matter Prints when I started following a lot of ethical bloggers and went ahead to the Matter Prints website to discover an array of beautiful prints, fabrics and stories from all around the world. I’m doing a review today of the company, their ethos and how their clothing (Button Back Top) fits and feels.

It’s one of the few additions I’ve made into my closet and I could not be happier with the material, quality or design. When I first came across them, I was drawn to the interesting prints as so many ethical fashion brands that I’ve gotten into focus on basic wardrobe items (Grana & Everlane). I knew I wanted to broaden the prints that were in my wardrobe and add a few interesting pieces to spice it up a little. This post is not sponsored and simply to share a new find of mine and a honest review of matter prints.

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First Impressions

My initial reaction from the packaging was very good. It came with minimal wastage and a little dust bag to keep the item safe in transit. I love these little pouches as they make great reusable travel companions for clothing, shoes and beauty products. The cotton was very luxurious and soft- not fluffy at all- but almost silky in touch. It’s made of an organic cotton twill but this varies depending on the pattern you pick.

Style: Button-Back Top

The style I went for is called the Button-Back Top. The thing I really love about Matter prints is that they do very few designs but just change up the pattern. There is a simplicity about the whole concept that I love. That being said, Matter prints only offer two sizes, 1 and 2. Their items are quite relaxed pieces so I can see how these sizes will work for most people. However, personally, I like my tops quite fitted so they don’t slip and slide around. Being about 160cm and fairly petite, this top was a tad boxy on me. This isn’t going to stop me from wearing it but just something to keep in mind if you’re interested in making an order.

I adore the back detail as it is perfect for layering with high waisted skirts and bottoms. It has that little bit of a backward V that really defines the smallest point of your waist.

A little about Matter Prints

They’re an artisan brand who are driven by the purpose of sustainability and rural craft livelihood in Asia. An interesting part of their sustainability is introducing season-less styles which is a huge part of slow fashion. While I think my pick is a summer style, I like that they have both available on the website. Being in the southern-hemisphere, shopping is always tricky as it’s the opposite season in Australia. But once again, its the simplicity of the company and the zero-waste approach that really appeals.


This piece is the perfect item to throw on for casual days by the water or for rushed days where you want that something extra to wear with denim. The print is very versatile as the colours are neutral. Prints tend to feel repetitive and are the pieces I generally get sick of in my wardrobe. This one is simple and neutral enough that I think it will be a classic I will reach for again and again.

For those of you who like the design of Matter prints and like supporting small businesses, Matter prints is a great company to shop with! Click here to see some other Ethical Brand reviews.