Minimalist Challenge: Capsule Wardrobe

I’m giving this minimalist thing an attempt. Not minimalist as in style. But more so in terms of how many things I have in my life. I’ve gotten pretty good in the last year with keeping my wardrobe small. I did a count and at one time, I had no more than approximately 40 items (clothing items, not accessories) in my closet. The problem is that I am constantly revamping my wardrobe and throwing things out because they were from last year. And last year was an old me (according to my crazy self who is convincing me I need those new jeans). I was determined to not make this challenge one of those things where I go out and buy a whole new wardrobe full of ‘basics’. I’ve pulled out my autumn/winter wardrobe as the weather has gotten cooler here in Australia. I’ve been binge watching Mademoiselle (Jamie-Lee) on Youtube and following her blog for updates.


Goals for this Challenge:

  1. Stop Browsing on ASOS. I am definitely guilty of browsing on ASOS way too much. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on trains and buses. Having the ASOS app means that I’m on it all the time. I’ve deleted the app for now and I’m hoping that stops my impulse ASOS purchases. Nothing wrong with ASOS at all but it’s just so easy to end up with new things.
  2. Avoid Crazy Prints. I love colour, prints, tulle and florals. Everything girly and over the top really. But I find that I reach for them a couple of times before I get sick of it. I’ll definitely have a few special items here and there but generally speaking, I will be avoiding prints that are too loud.
  3. Start Thinking about Things I’ve Always Wanted. Being at University and having a job means that I can actually get the things that have been on my wish list for ages. I’m looking at you- Canada Scarf and Jensen boots.
  4. Have a Neutral Wardrobe and a few Accent Colours. I saw an ad for Mansur Gavriel, one of my favourite brands. I fell in love with the model’s outfit which combined blush pink and red accessories. They’re two colours that I don’t normally like together but I think I may be changing my mind.
  5. Save Some Money. I’m travelling to Paris and London for 6 weeks this July. I assume that I will be shopping like a maniac over there so saving is definitely something I’m hoping to do with this challenge.

I’ll be doing monthly updates to see how things are going and sharing my outfits and additions to my wardrobe (If there are any).

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5 years ago

ASOS is so dangerous! I’ve ended up buying so many things I didn’t need just from scrolling through the app.

Billie |

5 years ago

Haha it’s so hard to stop browsing ASOS though!!! I really need to try do this as well though!

xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT