My Doen Collection and Review

My love for Doen clothing started a while ago and the brand seems to embody everything I love about fashion as you’ll soon find in this Doen review. Think light weight gauzy cottons in the most beautiful plaids and delicate florals with nostalgic styles inspired by the Victorians as well as the famous 60s and 70s in fashion.

I’m going to share with you all my Doen pieces below, as well as how I care for the Doen pieces and my experiences with sizing.

Doen Ranger Dress (Pre-Fall 2019)

Doen Ranger Dress in XS

A part of the pre-fall 2019 collection, this Ranger Dress by Doen is a lightweight cotton with a gauzy feel that would be perfect for summer as well as early fall. This is such a beautiful, soft cotton and is a little on the sheer side. I wear little black shorts inside just to be safe but it is truly one of my most comfortable wardrobe items.

Styling wise, it comes with a tie at the waist but I actually love how relaxed and billow-y it is without the belt. I can see myself wearing this with my hair in a bun, and thrown on with some red sandals in the summer. I featured this dress in a recent YouTube video here to see how it fits.

Doen Rose Blouse (Net-a-porter exclusive)

Doen Rose Blouse in XS
Doen Rose Blouse in XS

The Rose blouse I believe is a Doen classic which I’ve seen across multiple collections in different prints. When I think of the brand, this voluminous blouse is a trademark. This is made of a stiffer cotton poplin, but equally as luxurious and feels like a piece of clothing made to last. Nicely structured but very comfortable, the Rose top is one of my favourite and most worn pieces so far.

There’s a lot of attention to detail. There’s a small ruffle on the neckline, ties on the wrist and plenty of pleats throughout the top to give it the unique, oversized shape.

This is a net-a-porter exclusive which I love as they offer free shipping over $300 and free returns! Shop this top here.

Doen Luca Blouse (Net-a-porter exclusive)

Doen Luca Blouse in XS
Doen Luca Blouse in XS

The Luca style is by far the most feminine of the pieces I own from Doen. The material is a cotton voile, and like many other Doen pieces, it is light weight, breathable and a tiny bit sheer. There’s a lot of ruffles and pintucks and I generally prefer to wear this blouse with more casual/masculine pieces to create a bit more balance. It’s a tad too girly for my style but the details are just so beautiful! Find this blouse here.

Doen Acacia Top (Summer 2019)

Doen Acacia Top in XS

Dare I say my favourite Doen piece? The Acacia top is another 100% cotton top (like everything else). The cotton sits between the sheer cotton voile of the Luca/Ranger Dress and the cotton poplin of the Rose style earlier. A midweight cotton that’s opaque, comfortable and a bit less delicate than some other styles.

There’s a slight ruffle on the neckline and a elastic ruffle detail on the sleeve. On the back, there are pearly white buttons that go all the way down.

Styling wise, I’ve worn this with simple white skirts and denim and it’s been surprisingly versatile. My favourite thing about this top is by far how beautiful the golden brown pairs with the light blue in the plaid.

Doen Baltic Top (Spring 2019)

Doen Baltic Top in XS
Doen Baltic Top in XS

Once again a cotton-voile, this is lightweight and gauzy. Loose and voluminous through the body, I love the way this top fits. The material is soft and it tucks in perfectly into a pair of jeans or skirt. It’s a delicate green colour and reminds me instantly of Spring time. Similar tops available here or shop second-hand here.

Doen Albertine Top (Summer 2018)

Ahh the Albertine. There’s definitely some Victorian influences in this top with beautiful lace and lots of pintucking. The high neck + lace combination is very reminiscent of something vintage which I adore. The material of this is ramie, which is a natural fibre with a silky lustre. Once again, this top is very sheer and lightweight but is beautifully soft to the touch. I’ve never owned anything ramie but so far, it’s been very comfortable, breathable and low maintenance. It’s hard not to love this style and I always think of Cinderella when I see this in my wardrobe. Find this top here.

My experience with sizing for Doen

For all of the pieces shown here, I have gone with XS which is the normal size I take. I would say everything so far has been true to size. With some of the more billowy blouses such as the Baltic and the Rose, if you’re in between sizes, I would suggest to size down. Otherwise, styles such as the Ranger and Albertine are very much true to size as I imagine the shoulder/sleeve area would be too tight otherwise.

Care Instructions

Many Doen pieces are dry-clean only. While I do often send my pieces to the dry cleaner after 3-5 wears, most of the time, I find hand washing perfectly fine especially as everything is cotton (or ramie). The materials can be delicate but a gentle handwash has worked for me without any issues. Share in the comments how you care for your Doen pieces!

Final thoughts

Doen has potentially become my favourite place to look for quality pieces this year. Every piece I have from them feels incredibly special and in general, just make me happy when I wear them. I’m excited for the fall collection to launch but until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my pieces here.

Share with me below your favourite Doen pieces or head over to my YouTube channel to see some Doen pieces in lookbooks! See you soon! x

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