Nars Smooth and Protect Primer Review

The Nars Smooth and Protect Primer has been happily sitting on my dressing table waiting for a review to be written. It is a really good base for makeup and I actually notice a difference when using it which can’t be said about many of the primers I’ve tried in the past. The Nars primer has dimethicone has the first ingredient but definitely doesn’t feel as ‘slippy’ as other silicone based primers. The texture is really quite lovely and thick and gives a moisturising base to your makeup. It’s incredibly smoothing like the name suggests while the thicker texture makes it protecting. I like to think it acts like a barrier between my skin and pollutants. Nars makes the claim that it ‘delivers protection against pollution, prolongs and enhances the look of makeup‘. And so far so good.

On the skin I’ve noticed that my makeup seems to slide on a bit easier and my skin feels moisturiser for a bit longer. Often time if I’ve been in air conditioned rooms, my skin will feel tight mid day. I feel like this primer prolongs that feeling and keeps my makeup looking fresh for longer.

Compared to other popular primers, the Smashbox primer is more ‘slippy’ but feels a lot more silicone based. The Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer never really did anything for my makeup. Primers are often a gimmicky makeup item but I think this one serves its function fairly well.

Overall, this is a good product as far as primers go. I enjoy using it every morning between my sunscreen and my BB cream as another layer of protection. I like that it makes my base products go on easier and improves the appearance of skin texture. It’s not a must for me so if I’m having a lazy day, I can skip it without feeling like I’ve compromised something.


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5 years ago

This is a great post! My favourite primer is Porefessional from Benefit. It makes foundation/concealer look flawless! x

Libby x

5 years ago

I used to wear a stila primer, but now don’t use it anymore as I find them clogging my pores. But Nars always comes up with amazing product, so i am not surprised that it works for you.


Elena Isabelle
5 years ago

i only recently started using primers and it made such a difference. i really want to get the nars one as i always use nars sheer glow.

Anak Super
5 years ago

enjoy reading ur post

lot of smile,
Anak Super

5 years ago

this is intriguing! I love NARS so I’m sure this is awesome. though my current favorite primer is the Hourglass one!