Obsessed: Too Faced Lip Injections and Peach Lip Oil

I feel like Too Faced has been amazing with new releases lately and I’ve decided to do a review of their lip oil and lip injection gloss. It’s been a long time since I got any new makeup but lately I’ve been lusting over so many things. I’ve definitely taken advantage and picked up quite a few goodies to try. I also got some new Muji clear cubes which has made me reorganise my makeup and throw out anything that hasn’t been used in far too long. I realised that I have a lot of Too Faced products (which I might do a review of all the products I own) and simply love how quirky and fun their products are.

I haven’t loved lipgloss or any shiny products on my lips in a long time. But with it being almost winter in Australia where my lips are always dry and cracked (delightful I know), I thought I would give them a try again. Lately the idea of a lipstick has just been a tad high maintenance for me (uncharacteristic).


Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy

There are two versions of this and I decided to skip the extreme version. It does tingle a little- strange because sometimes I feel it other times not. But it’s not unpleasant, just a mild minty/tingly sensation. It claims to tint the lips which I haven’t really noticed but my lip colour is quite dark which might explain that. But I love that it isn’t sticky, its incredibly glossy and moisturising. It seems to last 3-4 hours without much eating or drinking which is pretty good by my standards. I love the quirky packaging also. Not gonna lie, it may have influenced this purchase.

Too Faced Lip Oil in Pure Peach

Lip oils really had their moment this year. I fell in love with the YSL tint in oil( but the packaging was awful and kept leaking). I decided to try this as an alternative and I’ve found that they are quite different. I like this because the colour is so stunning but it is definitely more like a gloss than an oil. It has slightly better moisturising qualities than your average lipgloss but not by far. The peach colour is so stunning though and it gives such a beautiful gloss and colour that I can’t help but reach for this beauty.

So there’s my review of the Too Faced lip oil and lip injection gloss. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you think!

x Helen




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5 years ago

Great review, I didn’t pick up any of the lip oils when the swat peach stuff first released, but I might now. Like you said great for winter dryness.

Amy @ Bottled Beauty
5 years ago

I skipped buying this and their peach face products as the peach palette really disappointed me 🙁

Priyanka Patel
5 years ago

Love this! I’ve never tried the lip injections before but will definitely have to give it a shot! I absolutely adore the lip oils!!

5 years ago

I love the Too Faced Lip Oils! They’re so hydrating and every shade is gorgeous.

Billie | http://www.othersummers.com/

5 years ago

I really want to try the lip oils!

5 years ago

I really want to try one of the lip “oils” of this collection because they look so cute. I’m not really into peach color but they have 1 or 2 that I like 😉
And reading your review make me curious about the lip injection!

Rachel Maslin
5 years ago

Love this post. I haven’t used either of these and I don’t use many lip glosses because I always find them to be too sticky but I’m really tempted to try these. Only another month of makeup buying ban so these are now on my list! 😛 x

5 years ago

Great post and review! I haven’t tried the lip injection but I do love the lip oil! The shade range is gorgeous too!

Sara Moffat
5 years ago

I have this amazing lip oil from GOSH, and it’s honestly the best lip oil I’ve ever owned. I would recommend it over too faced any day.