Ouai Haircare Review: Repair Line

Some of my trusty travel staples this past month includes OUAI haircare products in the repair line. I love trying haircare products in the hopes it will balance out my oily scalp and dry ends. I took with me mini sized bottles of the OUAI shampoo, conditioner and treatment masque. I took these photos in Luzern, Switzerland and could not resist such a beautiful photo opportunity for the blog. Overall, I have positive things to say about these OUAI hair products, although I think they are suited to more dry hair (but that’s completely my fault in choosing repair). In the future, if I repurchase OUAI products I will test out the volume line to see how it works for oilier hair.

The Product

The Ouai haircare line including their shampoo and conditioner comes in various formulas to suit different hair types. There’s the Repair which I tried and Clean, Volume, Smooth and Curl so there’s bound to be one for everyone. I blindly picked up a set for travel and ended up with repair which was pleasant for the trip but in hindsight not the best match for my hair type. They’re definitely not cheap but a bottle of full-sized shampoo/conditioner lasts me six months minimum so if it’s THAT good I would be willing to splurge. Oh, did I mention the scent? Light but heavenly.

Texture of the three products

The shampoo had a nice almost creamy feel. It felt very gentle on the scalp and was definitely no where near as foaming as most drugstore or supermarket brands. This is something I really enjoyed about the product although I know that many will feel as if their hair isn’t clean.

The conditioner was fairly standard and felt very moisturising despite the light texture. It was more of a light cream rather than the buttery texture that heavier conditioners have. Slightly slippy and overall very pleasant to use and wash off.

The treatment masque was a very light texture, comparable to the conditioner. I generally prefer thicker more buttery masques such as the Macadamia Treatment Masque or the Moroccan oil Repairing Mask.

How they left my hair

I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner for about a month and the mask once a week. My hair currently has no damage from colour treatment although I do use a curler about twice a week. My hair feels quite soft and hydrated, although my scalp just a tad more oily then how I would like it. Nothing unbearable and the ends feel more hydrated than using my mishmash of supermarket brand products.

Overall thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed the luxurious feel of these products. They are highly moisturising and leave the hair soft and fluffy so they definitely do their repair job. They’re not harsh and overly foaming which I love, having used natural shampoo and conditioner products for years. This one is not marketed as natural by any means but has a similar consistency. At the price, I will probably not repurchase until my hair is need for a repairing routine (i.e. if I colour my hair). For now, I prefer something a little bit more clarifying on my scalp and any conditioner that will maintain healthy hair.

Find Ouai here.



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MarΓ­a - Dapper House Designs

I love this brand and have never tried out their repair line. Gotta check it out now!!

5 years ago

I have heard such good things about this brand. The repair range sounds perfect for my dry damaged hair

5 years ago

Wish I would have known about this when I destroyed my hair a couple years back! Lol. I love when repairing shampoos actually help and do what they say.

xo, Kimberly

Rachel Maslin
5 years ago

I’ve heard great things about this brand….I’m really tempted to try it out myself. Great review xx

5 years ago

I have only ever tried their dry shampoo and I loved it so I really want to try more but the exxy price tag always gets in the way. Great review πŸ™‚

Emma | Rosy Disposition